Fall Girls Trip Packing List

So I know major traveling is off the table at the moment. BUT FALL FUN IS NOT CANCELLED MY FRIENDS. I have a fall stay-cation planned with some of my girlfriends next month and although this years trip will look…

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Trick or Treating Alternatives!

It’s finally my favorite month… OCTOBER!! I love October for a lot of reasons. One obvious one, Halloween! This year Halloween seems to be a bit of a daunting day because it’s going to look so different. Bouncing from house…

Cozy is a lifestyle

We are headed in my favorite season… COZY SEASON!!! I have a stash of my cozies, fluffiest throw blankets that are about to make their annual debut on my couch and I’m SO EXCITED. I always say… cozy is not…

Combatting Maskne

Part of this new world we live in is wearing masks in public. Whether it’s 100 degrees, pouring rain, whatever… like it or not it’s our latest accessory. If you’re like me, maskne (acne brought on by wearing a mask)…

Small Shop Lovin’

Supporting small shops has always been important to me. But now more than ever they need our help! I have rounded up a list of some of my favorite online small shops!

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