Siesta Key

One of my favorite things is to hunker down with a wine glass full of diet coke and dive into the trashiest TV shows that I can find. My most recent discovery was Siesta Key on MTV. So I’ve been feeling like MTV has taken a turn for the worse recently, between Catfish, and Teen Mom seasons 1-100, I’m just sort of over it. The only shows I really keep up with are the Challenges (obviously I’ve seen almost all 30 seasons) and Are You the One.

But Siesta Key takes me back to my middle school days of watching Laguna Beach. Siesta Key is quite literally the same thing. From the token love triangle (que Kristen, Lauren, and Stephen) to the local bad boy hotty (and here comes Brody Jenner). The only real difference is that the Siesta Key kids are all 21+ which makes me say “da heck are these youths parents?” far less than in Laguna Beach where the kids were barely old enough to drive.

Anyways, yesterday I my ass was basically fused to my couch while I battled a head cold and I got completely sucked into this show. About half way through the first episode I kept thinking “damn, I so wish my life had been like this when I was in college.” But I was so exhausted by vicariously living through their drama and constant partying that by the end of the first episode, I was forever grateful for my quiet little life. Which then got my reminiscing about what life was like in my early years of college – and although we weren’t partying on yachts, we had some serious fun. From starting full blown nerf gun wars in the dorms, walks of shame, all-nighters in the Visual Performing Arts Center, more 1am pizza orders than we can count, to spending every summer night by a camp fire – we totally lived.

I’ve been thinking lately that I need to take a page out of college Emily’s book. Not any of the pages that thrived on drama and sleeping until 2 in the afternoon; but the pages where I was spontaneous, and took risks, and did things just because I damn well felt like it. At 24 I am far more concerned with what people think about where I am in my life, if I’m keeping up with the latest nail polish and home décor trends, if I’m in shape (ha), and whatever else makes me insecure. It’s all just stupid. 4 years ago, I liked what I liked, decorated in a way that made me happy, and that was the end of it. So what the hell changed to make me give a shit about what everyone else thinks all of a sudden? No idea. We’ll chalk it up to the real world being a very scary place to be.

So that’s my goal. Care less about the judgement that I think is around me, and care more about the things that make me happy. Obviously I find myself slipping into my default ways of second guessing myself about my decisions; like last night I was painting my nails dark grey, and when I was done I looked at my fingers and thought “Ugh it’s August. This is an October color.” But then I stopped and decided I really didn’t give a shit because I picked the color that I liked the most in that moment. So HA.

I swear one of these days I will straight up stop second guessing my decisions, and just do what makes me happy. Which I’m sure as many of you know, is way easier said than done. But I’ll let cha know how that progress goes.



This photo is the best I’ve ever taken in my life. Thanks Disney’s EPCOT for being a bomb subject.

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