Fab Finds Friday

Fab Finds Friday 1:19:18


1// This candle is EVERYTHING. It’s the Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle from Anthropologie in the scent “Volcano”. And let me tell you, it is the only candle that I own. I’m wicked picky about scents; I don’t like super sweet or floral, but this scent is just magical. Anthro has this scent in a few different size, shape, and colored options which is really great. Right now I have 2: a jumbo one in navy, and a mini in metallic teal (I think the teal was part of their Holiday collection). I literally have one burning every night and it takes me months to get through an entire candle, so I think it’s pretty high quality wax. Is that a thing?

2// The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is everything I could hope or dream for in a cleanser. It is so gentle on my sad winter skin, the scent is subtle, and it doesn’t dry out my skin. It takes off your makeup while cleansing your face which is a MUST for me.

3// The Emily Ley Simplified Daily Planner is seriously the only planner I will ever use. It lays out every day with time slots, a to do list, meal list, and notes section. It is super high quality and I love all the gold detailing. It also comes with these super cute sticker sets that my planner is full of. Emily Ley’s story is also one to go read – she is wicked inspiring. She hustled her way into a super successful business. These planners sell out pretty regularly but she restocks them super fast!

4// The Fresh Rose Face Mask is luscious. It’s really cooling on your face which makes it fantastic to use when you have super dry skin, or a little sunburn in the summer. Like the Soy Cleanser it is super gentle. It is a little bit of a splurge, but I think it is totally worth it.

5// This Yeti Tumbler has been my go to gift this year – mostly for the men in my life. But they have super fun girly colors too! For the holidays I gave these as gifts with a Starbucks gift card tucked inside. Simple, but everyone loved it. Bonus: it holds 30oz of whatever you want to put in it. So if you run on coffee like I do, you get why this is life changing.

6// Hearth & Hand totally came to the rescue with this pouf. I live in a tiny one bedroom apartment where space is limited and a limited budget, which means we have a very little couch. My future hubs (Max) likes to spread out, and I just plain old don’t like to share, so a small couch which is our only seatings, is a struggle to say the least. But the pouf is the perfect size to tuck in front of our couch for one of us to use as a footrest, while the other spreads out a little more. It’s compact, comfortable, super cute, affordable, and we are constantly battling over who gets to use it. I’m also obsessed with the leather handle detail. The photo makes it look like it’s black, but it is actually a true navy. Which matches my navy pillows on my couch. Absolutely worth purchasing!

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