Hey friends!! This is where I will be sharing all of our wedding planning details. The planning process is INSANE, stressful, expensive, glorious, amazing, empowering, creative, and so much freakin’ fun. I truly love being a bride and the entire wedding planning process in general, so I’m going to share as much as I can with you guys!

Here is where it all began!! September 17, 2016 (yes I have been engaged for freaking ever). Actually… let’s back it up to September 14, 2016. I got a really scary text from my mom… my step dad had a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital. It was a really scary few days of tests and so many doctors. It was a Wednesday, and we had plans to go apple picking on Saturday with my parents, and Max’s entire family (which consists of his 5 siblings, his parents, his mom’s parents, and his older sister’s now husband). And with my step dad, Jeff, in the hospital, my mom had been sending me texts all day on Friday about doing their best to bust out of he hospital and making it to apple picking. I was super confused… it was just apple picking, there was no need for them to flip out about missing it.

I say “just apple picking” but it’s my favorite day of the year. The fall is my favorite season, and we always go to this stunning orchard that sits on the top of a mountain with the most spectacular views. So yes, I was bummed they would miss it but we could always go again.

Saturday morning rolls around and I get a text from mom saying: “WE’RE GETTING OUT OF HERE!!! Meet you at the orchard!” I was so excited.

Max had sort of avoided me the entire morning. Which wasn’t super weird because there was 10 other people in the house with us which really overwhelms him sometimes. Anyways… him being super quiet didn’t surprise me. BUT. What did surprise me was when we got to the orchard my little brother was with my mom and Jeff! He was away at college and I had no idea he was home. (I later came to find out that Max had told me he was working the Friday before, but instead had driven all the way to pick up Michael from school).

We went along our merry way, picking apples. We were all in the same aisle of trees when Max asked me to grab him an apple that was pretty high up in a tree. My first response was “Get it yourself, weirdo”. I truly thought he was going to be a super brat and push me into the branches or something. But after a lot of “Good Lord, Em, just do it.” I finally said ok. As I reached for the apple he said “Wait, wait, wait! Something doesn’t look right,”


So I turned around and he was down on one knee. I hadn’t noticed during our little banter that our families had subtly gathered around us. I instantly started shaking. That’s when Max asked me to marry him. And according to Max I said yes. I really don’t remember saying anything, or doing anything other than throwing my arms around him. He had to tell me that I said yes, and that he did put the ring on my finger himself.


After lots of tears, cheering, hugs, and not a whole lot of apple picking we headed home. Our families had planned a BBQ completed with a bonfire to celebrate that night. The entire day was absolutely perfect. My mom and Jeff knew what was happening and explained to the doctors why they couldn’t miss apple picking. So Jeff’s doctors pushed along all tests and got them out of the hospital as soon as they felt Jeff was healthy enough to leave. I’m so grateful that they were both part of this day. We were surrounded by both our families and more love than we knew what to do with. We’re both incredibly lucky to have these people in our lives.


(This was taken while we called Max’s grandmother to give her our big news)

Now. Moving onto the important part… THE RING.


It’s absolutely perfect. White gold with 3 diamonds. The right stone was Max’s great-grandmother’s engagement diamond. The left was his mom’s original (she upgraded) engagement diamond. And Max picked out the middle diamond. It is stunning. I am super sentimental, so this ring was seriously the perfect fit for me.

My heart is so full, and I fall in love with Max all over again every single day. I can honestly say that I am marrying my best friend; and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

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