My Wellness Journey

This is a post that I have struggled to write. Mostly because it is just so damn personal. It’s easy to write about my wedding and fab finds, but I feel like in order to write about my wellness journey, I need to really speak (or type) from the heart.

So here we go!

It really hit me about a year ago that I had gained a significant amount of weight. 40 pounds to be exact. 40 freaking pounds. That’s a ton! I have felt so disconnected with my own body and it is incredibly frustrating. I had expressed my frustration to a coworker (who is now a dear, dear friend) who happens to be a wellness coach! She was so kind and tactful about approaching me about joining her program. The program is through Beach Body and all the workouts are at home workouts. They have like a million and one different programs within Beach Body that you can choose from that includes a daily workout video, meal plan, and Shakeology (these fabulous shake mixes that act as one of your meals for the day. I wasn’t sure what to think about that either but I recognized all the ingredients, and it’s legit just packed with super foods). My friend (who is now my coach) and a few other coaches have various Facebook support groups going for these workout plans which is really the best part. It’s a place where I can be held accountable and share my wins and losses.

Well I have fallen off the wagon more times than I can count, and I am so grateful to have my friend there to help me get back up. But it has been a frustrating and discouraging ride of losing a few pounds, gaining even more than when I started, emotional eating, and repeating the process. I’m pretty notorious for getting 2 weeks into a program and calling it quits. I make every excuse in the damn book. I don’t have time, I’m exhausted, I don’t have enough space. I’m sure you guys have heard it all, or even said it yourselves.

But being only 4 months away from my wedding… it’s time to get my shit together. I am two weeks into my newest program, 80 Day Obsession. It’s 80 days of workouts and a pretty strict timed meal plan. And let me tell you… this is the first plan that I have been able to 100% commit to. 80 days is a long time but I have been super OCD about my meal planning/prepping (which I will do a post about in the near future) and making my workouts a priority. Heading into week 3 I am already seeing results that are seriously motivating me. I’m down 5 pounds, which is great, but the part that is pushing me is how strong I feel, and how much more energy I have. My goal is lose at least 25 pounds total before my wedding, and have fab looking arms. But that is just a short term goal. My long term goal is live a well balances healthy lifestyle so that I can be the best possible version of myself.

We’re still in the beginning of this journey but  I plan on sharing every step of the way! Here is where I will be posting my favorite recipes, workout gear, and tips and tricks to a healthier life style! Stay tuned!

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