Emily’s Grocery Games

I am absolutely OCD about meal planning, and prepping. But the planning is really what sets me up for success during the week. I use a variety of the free Emily Ley Printables to map out my meal plan for the entire week, and create kick ass grocery list.

With my 80 Day Obsession program meal planning is KEY, and portion control plays a major role in the plan. Little history: before this program, my portions were ridiculous. I had no concept of portion control and I ate until I was over stuffed. So with my new and improved portions I am able to get much more out of my meals. I don’t have a ton of time or space to cook (my itty bitty apartment only has a kitchenette, so I have a toaster oven and a hot plate to cook on) so being able to cook once and get multiple meals out of it is ideal. So what has ended up happening is that we buy less food but get more meals out of it. It’s pretty amazing.

Essentially what happens is, I make dinner for Max and myself, then we both take the left overs for lunch the next day. So we’re cooking once for 4 meals. IT’S THE BEST EVER. It also means that we’re not eating the same thing for lunch every single day; which at least Max used to. He would make the same lame boring dry turkey sandwich every day, and I would eat out. Which got expensive and fattening very quickly. And I can’t even tell you how envious my coworkers get of my lunches; even when they order out they’re still eyeing whatever I’m warming up in the kitchen.

I thought I would put together my go to grocery list for you guys! Max and I always pick things that are super diverse to cook with. We plan every single meal for the week but of course life happens and sometimes plans change. So our fail-safe grocery list makes is super easy to adapt.

Chicken Breasts
Steak Tips
Ground Turkey
Brown Rice
Whole Grain Pasta
European Cucumbers (because the normal ones are mushy and weird)
Green Peppers
Sweet Potatoes
Coconut Milk
Coffee (obviously)

That list gets us through an entire week of all meals and snacks. I do supplement one meal with my Shakeology but that gets shipped to me every month. The list doesn’t include the typical sauces and spices that I always have on hand, but I don’t need to buy those every week so I didn’t add them.

I hear the excuse all the time that eating healthy is too expensive. In ways that is true; at McDonald’s it costs more for a salad than a Big Mac. But at the grocery store it doesn’t have to be true! If you take the time to really plan your meals it is really easy to save money. And you will end up throwing way less food away. Less money, less waist, more food. Losing weight is 20% moving your body, and 80% what you put in it. And meal planning and prepping is how I am able to give 100% to my 80%.

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