80 Day Update: Tips, Tricks, and No Quick Fix.

I am officially done with Phase 1 of 80 Day Obsession, and diving head first into Phase 2! This entire process has been extremely challenging. It’s way more of a mental game than a physical. Results take time. Which is wicked frustrating and one of the reasons why I have fallen off the wagon in the past. I’m 100% one of those people that works out once and says “I HAVE A SIX PACK NOW RIGHT?!” Wrong. The biggest lesson that I have learned through the first month of this program is to trust the process. That little line “trust the process” used to make my roll me eyes. But then weigh in and measurement day showed up.

I will never doubt the process again. Although I have only lost 6 pounds so far, I have lost a total of 25 inches all over my body. You read that right. 25 inches. Like holy shit. The number on the scale is a filthy liar. Obviously it’s going to go up as I gain muscle, but that scale number just gets in my head. So being able to see the measurement numbers makes such a difference and is beyond motivating.

Happy numbers aside. I have way more energy than I ever have before. I’m not crashing throughout the day and I’ve been able to cut down on my coffee intake. Meal prepping is still the key to staying on track, but it really is hard to stay on top of it, I wont lie to you. I so wish I could say “screw it I’m just buying lunch out today” but luckily I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. We did however order pizza last Friday. MISTAKE. Our house was being shown late Friday night and again early Saturday, so we really didn’t want to have to clean the kitchen, so I picked up a pizza. I have never felt so crappy in my life. I had heartburn so badly I thought I could breathe fire, I was sweating, and my entire body ached. After spending an entire month detoxing from all the shitty processed foods in my life, my body didn’t know how to process the pizza. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a little dramatic, so at the time I totally thought my life was ending. That was how I was going to die. Pizza poisoning. Clearly I’m fine. But I did learn my lesson. My body has changed. It no longer tolerates food that isn’t fuel. Which is good and bad. Pizza is my fave, but it totally betrayed me.

I am learning quickly that this is going to be a life long change. Not a quick fix for my wedding in May. Which I am incredibly grateful for. The program may end after 80 days, but my goals for a healthy life style has no end date. I’m not quite ready to post progress photos, but hopefully I will have that confidence soon!

Here is my tip of the day: I’m a huge fan of eating in the car. And I have always had really long commutes (both to college and work), so I would stop for something to munch on during my drive. Those snacks almost always consisted of something salty and chocolate, with a big diet coke to wash it all down. I decided that I need to pick a different activity to occupy myself during my long rides. So I took a ton of time and compiled a massive playlist strictly with music that I HAVE to sing along to. Everyone has those songs. Now, rather than thinking about food, I’m busy singing my heart out while I’m on the road. It has worked so freaking well. There was a day a few weeks ago when I was craving chocolate so I decided to treat myself even though I’m on a strict meal plan. I picked up my favorite candy (Reese’s Eggs… yes they’re out at CVS already for Easter and have been since like December) and when I got in the car I put on that playlist. I kept going to reach for the chocolate but then the next song would come on and I was so focused on singing along, I completely forgot about the candy. So I got home and gave it to Max. It was a win for sure.

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