Let’s talk color schemes! Originally I had these massive plans of a fall wedding with lots of burgundy, mustard yellows, and burnt oranges. But there were issues with the dates we had in mind so we moved to a May wedding! May can be tricky with colors… especially the end of May in New Hampshire. It could be 80 degrees or it could be snowing. Ya just never know. I planned on keeping colors as neutral as possible, so that no matter what the season looked like, everything would match.

I knew that I wanted navy blue, grey, and white to be our main colors. Which has worked out nicely. My bridesmaids are wearing grey dresses, the boys are in navy, and all of our flowers are white with lots of greenery. Our venue is so beautiful that I wanted to keep the colors of “stuff” understated to just enhance the natural beauty of the space. What really solidified that decision was a flower arranging class that I took with my mom! It was tons of fun and was with all white and green flowers. The arrangements looked so clean and elegant. What was funny was that the walls of the shop were navy blue. So I sort of got to see all the colors (other than the grey) together in action!


Where things have started to get a little wild is on my tables. We decided on using farm tables, because I am just not a tablecloth kinda girl. Especially white tablecloths. They get stained throughout the night, or they end up crooked, or whatever. I’m just not into it. So farm tables it is! Sounds simple right? Weeellllll… I kept finding table runners at TJ Maxx (my fave place on earth other than Home Goods) that I LOVED. So I had this “brilliant” idea: let’s have mismatching table runners! I started going a little wild with my choices but all in all they look super cute together. It just threw a wrench into my color scheme.

To calm down the color pallet of the runners we decided to use galvanized planters with potted white flowers as our center pieces (we shall see how much I regret this decision come May when I’m spending all my time planting and watering flowers). And to take that concept a step further, all of the decor around the tent is also galvanized metal of sorts with chippy white paint (thanks Hobby Lobby… a post about that shopping trip is coming soon).

It was challenging to try and keep my colors seasonal, but also colors that I really love. By using muted tones but vamping them up with the colorful runners, I have been able to create (what I think is) a really unique aesthetic, that doesn’t over power how beautiful the venue is without all it’s makeup on.

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