Cake Taste Testing!

I have been looking forward to this day since I got engaged. I’m an active baker so my wedding cake is kind of a big deal. And my grandmother, being the wonderful woman that she is, offered to foot the bill so I was able to book the bakery that I truly love. A to Z Cakes are absolutely STUNNING. They are seriously works of art. I’ll post some photos of her work throughout the post (also any of the flowers you see on the cakes are all edible. 100% handmade out of sugar. She doesn’t use fresh flowers at all for safety purposes). The top photo is a sketch that she did of various designs for our wedding cake! I’m having it printed, framed and hung in my kitchen. I’m totally obsessed.


For the tasting we had to let the bakery know what three flavor combos we wanted to try. Obviously my first instinct was to try all the cool flavors like maple, white chocolate, coffee, lemon, the works. But my mother and groom out voted me. Their thought was with only being able to try three combos (cake + filling flavors) we needed to pick the ones they we would actually use for our wedding. And unfortunately they didn’t think that pumpkin cake with maple frosting would be a crowd pleaser. Party poopers.

So we decided to try vanilla cake with vanilla filling (which is actually my fave despite wanting to try all the cool flavors), vanilla cake with chocolate filling, and chocolate cake with coffee filling. YUM. In the end Mom and Max were totally right about what to choose for tasting flavors. And I THINK we have decided on vanilla cake with coffee filling. It seriously tastes like a vanilla latte. We haven’t committed but I’m totally sold.

Kate & Sean's Wedding

I went with my Maid of Honor to her tasting when she was getting married, and I have to say I liked the process at her bakery a little better. What they did was laid out 6 flavors of cake cut up into bite sized pieces, and 6 little dishes of fillings. So you just dipped the cake in the filling and were able to try as many combos as you wanted! It was totally fun mix and matching the flavor combos. So if you have the opportunity to taste test in that format, DO IT.


But if you’re in New England I would highly recommend A to Z Cakes. They are absolutely magical cakes!



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