Phase 2 Highs and Lows

Well Phase 2 of 80 Day Obsession has come and gone with underwhelming results. Which according to my Facebook group, is to be expected. Phase 1 and 2 were all about building muscle and prepping for Phase 3 which is intended to be the fat burning phase.

I will be the first to admit that my nutrition was sub-par during Phase 2. I did not meal prep nearly the way that I should have been and I think it has really set me back. And I’ll be honest… I haven’t gotten any better in the first week and a half of Phase 3. Last week was my birthday which involved cake twice (obviously), and I missed 2 out of the 6 workouts. This week has been better in a major way in terms of what I’m eating… and this sounds weird but I am actually not eating enough for my meal plan. With timed nutrition, the goal is to keep your metabolism constantly running; and because my meal prep has SUCKED this week I just don’t have enough food with each meal.

I can make excuses all day but that gets me no where. So my goal for this week so to make a bomb list of everything that I need to cook and have ready for the rest of this phase. I want to end on a super high note, and get the best possible results!

I did have an amazing chance to see how much my body has changed: I went for my wedding dress fitting a few weeks ago and had my mom take a photo of me in the dress once the alterations were done. I did a side by side look of the day I bought the dress, and the day the I picked it up from the seamstress. I look like a completely different person. My face isn’t as puffy, my hair looks healthier, and I don’t look completely round. I couldn’t believe it. Every time I need a little reminder to trust the process I take a peak at those photos. After the wedding is over I will post the before and afters in my wedding dress!

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