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Standing in lines (other than the heat) is seriously the most exhausting part of going to Disney. While some lines are unavoidable, they are super manageable if you plan your Fast Passes right! The Fast Pass system is fantastic because you can schedule them way ahead of time on the Disney mobile app. Like weeks before you even get on the plane. Each person gets 3 Fast Passes per day, so it’s important to prioritize.

For example, Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom is a family favorite, so we make sure book a Fast Pass for it on both days that we are in the park. On the app you select the ride, how many Fast Passes you would like to book and for who (each member of your party will have their own Disney ID linked to their Magic Bands – I’ll get to those in a minute), and what time you’d like to go on the ride! You can pop on over to the ride 5 minutes before your time slot where they will scan your Magic Band (Ok, I guess I’ll get to those now… side bar. The Magic Bands, are exactly as they sound, magic. They’re rubber bracelets that are used as your park passes, your hotel key, your Fast Passes, and you can even load money onto them to be scanned at shops, and quick service dining spots! They also link to your app which is super nifty) and you pretty much get sent to the front of the line. It’s amazing. Obviously there are times that you’ll have to wait 5 or so minutes with a Fast Pass, but it’s totally worth it when the line has an estimated 3 hour wait period.


There are some rides that really don’t require a fast pass because the line moves so quickly; such as It’s a Small World, Under The Sea, Living With The Land, Dumbo, or DINOSAUR. There are also rides that have wait times that go up and down depending on the time of day. You can check wait times all day long on your app! That is what we do with certain rides, and if it drops down to a 25 or 30 minute wait, we book it over to the ride.  But here is a list of our favorite rides! Most of these we are able to Fast Pass but sometimes we do have to make some cuts:

Magic Kingdom:
1. Space Mountain – One our fave roller coasters! It’s 100% indoors and 100% pitch black.
2. Thunder Mountain Railroad – Another fun roller coaster that is less intense than Space Mount.
3. Haunted Mansion – It looks way scarier than it actually is for kiddos! It’s mostly a “sit and look” ride with lots of music and the occasional ghost siting!
4. Peter Pan’s Flight – Hop on a flying boat and soar through the tales of Never Land!
5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – We LOVE this coaster, and it’s interactive games guests can play with while waiting in line!
6. Splash Mountain – This is our favorite water ride. At first it is mellow taking you through the Song of the South but then ends with a huge splash!

1. Soarin’ – This is one of my absolute favorite rides. You feel as though you are flying on a kite all over the world. So much fun.
2. Test Track – This is Max’s all time favorite ride. You get to design a car, then put it through a series of tests.
3. Frozen Ever After – I have yet to get on this ride. The last time we were at Disney the ride had just opened and every single Fast Pass was booked the entire time we were there and the wait time averaged 5 hours.

1. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster – Now this is my favorite roller coaster ever ever ever. You go from 0 to 60 right off the bat all while rocking out to Aerosmith.
2. The Tower of Terror – If you’re a thrill seeker, this ride is what’s up. And down. And back up again. You fly up and down an elevator shaft and it seriously feels like you’re going to be launched out the top.
3. Toy Story Mania – This is more of a game than a ride. You compete against the other person in your car and it is soooo much fun. The waiting area in line is also super cool with jumbo sized toys.
4. Star Tours – Max and I have differing opinions about this ride. I for one love it, but Max could do without it. It’s more low key ride that is mostly a simulator, but it feels like you’re flying through space. And I’m just a wicked Star Wars Fan.

Animal Kingdom:
1. Safari – The Safari is also one of my favorites. You don’t always have to Fast Pass it, but it is worth it just to make sure you get on it. You have the opportunity to see everything from elephants (my favorite animal), lions, cheetahs, to giraffes. The best time to go is during the last ride of the day when the sun is starting to go down. That’s when all the animals are waking up from napping in the sun all day, so they’re super active!
2. Expedition Everest – This roller coaster is way more intense than it looks when you’re walking by. Mostly because once you do the whole ride moving forward, you do the whole thing again flying backwards. It is such a thrill!
3. Avatar Flight of Passage – I have’t been to Disney since this has opened. But I have heard nothing but amazing things! If it resembles the movie, I can only imagine how fantastic it is.


So those rides are really the big hitters. But there about a zillion super underrated rides at all of the parks. There is a huge list of rides that what I like to call “sit and look” rides. Where you get to kick back on a slow moving ride, that is indoors, and just bask in the AC and entertainment. These rides are a really nice way to slow down the day and escape the heat for a little while. And bonus: the lines are never horrible. And like I mentioned earlier, you can check wait times throughout the day on the app. It’s seriously a life saver. While there are a million and one amazing rides at Disney, that list are all our faves!


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