Logistic Sessions


So my mom got married a few summers ago, and I helped her plan. We were on a flight to actually move her fiance from Arizona to New Hampshire, and mom showed me her planning spreadsheet. Only she had it labeled: “Wedding Logistics”. I gave her so much shit for this. How unromantic is that? Wedding Logistics. I told myself that when I got engaged I would never refer to my planning as logistics. Oh how wrong I was.

We’re going to keep it 100 for a second… there is nothing romantic about planning a wedding. There are romantic moments: picking out wedding rings, looking at the venue, when you invitation get delivered… but all in all, it really is logistics. It’s lists, and more lists, and more lists. Then you check things off the list. Then the list gets longer. Now I’m not saying that the logistics aren’t fun, they’re a blast, but let’s just call it what it is.

My mom and I have been having logistics meets throughout this process, and thank God for her. Max will come and throw out his opinion when he needs to, but as far as styling and what not, he leaves that up to me a Mom. This past weekend Mom came over for a logistics meeting and we actually pulled out all of the decorations that we have stored in our barn and set up mini tablescapes. I can not encourage you enough to set up your tablescape at home well before your wedding weekend.

I have been totally panicked thinking that nothing is going to come together. One of my biggest fears has been getting to the day and nothing looking the way I pictured it. Setting up the tables in my tiny living room, on my 2 seater table gave me so much confidence in knowing how amazing the entire event will look. It truly let me see that my whole vision is coming together, and I was able to get my big breath and refocus.

Your wedding day isn’t about the “stuff” or the perfect tablescapes, it’s about love and starting a new chapter. But when you spend almost 2 years planning and putting everything you have into this one moment… you want it to be perfect. My biggest piece of advice is to set up your decor ahead a time as much as you can so that you can show yourself that you’re making awesome styling choices, and to remind yourself just how spectacular your wedding day is going to be.

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