Wedding Recap

Thinking how best to describe literally the best weekend of my entire life has been hugely challenging. Of course my first instinct is to give you all a play by play of every single magical moment. But I don’t think that would do justice to the wedding. Because the play by play just feels like “stuff”, and that weekend was so much more than that.

I happy cried the entire week leading up. The. Entire. Week. Every single song that came on shuffle made me sob my face off. In a good way of course! I was excited, and nervous, and anxious, and just bursting with all the emotions. And as each out of town person arrived I got happier and happier. Our wedding party is from all over: California, New York, New Hampshire, Texas, Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oregon, and Connecticut. It absolutely blew my mind that everyone came all the way home to be there.


There are a few moments though that makes my heart explode over and over again. The first of course being the ceremony. I was standing at the end of the bridesmaids line with my parents, absolutely panicking. Not about getting married, but having everyone looking at me, and having to spew out vows without stuttering, and just the whole thing. But my blood pressure sky rocketed higher and higher with each moment. I peaked out the window of the inn and saw Max’s sister Lilly (who was a bridesmaid) was headed down the aisle with Max’s youngest sister, Addie (our flower girl). Addie is special needs and the fact that she was healthy that day was some kind of miracle. She also hates walking on her own. She much prefers to be carried. But as I watched I saw Lilly put Addie down, and Addie walked down the aisle holding Lilly’s hand. She walked the whole way. And I knew if Addie could walk down the aisle then I could too. And as soon as I could see Max while I was walking, it was like we were the only two people on the planet. I had total tunnel vision. I couldn’t hear the music, I couldn’t see any of our guests, I barely even noticed my parents on either side of me. All I could see was Max. I get butterflies every single time I think about that moment. I had no doubt that I was exactly where I needed to be.

I so wish I could have been a fly on the wall during the ceremony. One of our friends was telling me about the whole thing. He said that the bridesmaids came down the aisle and everything was just sort of moving along, but when I rounded the corner and started down the aisle, he said that the entire energy of the crowd changed. Which was just the coolest thing to hear. I was so lost in the moment that I loved hearing about what our guests were taking in during the ceremony. The entire thing was so incredibly special.


One of the other most unbelievable moments during the whole weekend was after the rehearsal dinner. There were only a few of us left, but those few people were our absolute best friends, and my mom and step dad. We were all crammed into this little screened in porch at the inn and one Max’s best men busted out his guitar. We all sat and sang, and laughed until late into the night. Everyone was in their jammies, and there were no formalities and no pressure. Just so much love stuffed into one little porch. I could not have been happier. I truly wish I could go back and spend forever on that porch.

The whole weekend was magical. And I super wish that I could pick a different damn word other than magical but there are no other options. Not a single one. All weekend I kept saying “if the only thing that goes right is that everyone we love is in one place for a night, then the weekend is perfect.” I was so wrong. Well. Sort of wrong. That part was incredibly true. But. What I should have said was if the only that goes right is that I get to marry my best friend in the entire world, then it’s the perfect weekend. It let me tell you. It was the perfect weekend.

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  1. Cindy wrote:

    Beautiful words from a beautiful bride and an even more beautiful soul.

    Posted 6.24.18 Reply