Summer Wellness Goals

While most people see Spring as the time to get bikini ready, Summer is my favorite season to kick healthy living into gear. In New Hampshire Spring means a few things: mud, black flies, rain, construction, and temps ranging from 30-90 degrees. What part of that sounds like a good time to be outside working out? That sounds like hell.

Summer is seriously idea; fresh fruit, sunny days, and lots of options for outdoor activities and adventures. So here are some of my Summer 2018 wellness goals:

  1. Fit into my latest jean purchase. I absolutely LOVE these jeans. But because they are true denim, even though I ordered my regular size, they have no stretch what so ever. Meaning I can’t get them farther than half way up my thighs. SO. The goal is to be able to rock them with a flannel on apple picking day in the fall.
  2. GET OUTSIDE. New Hampshire winters suck. SUCK. Especially for those of us who hate being cold (I don’t know why I live here) and don’t ski, there isn’t a whole lot of outdoor activities to be done between November and April. That’s a long ass time. So my goal is to spend every second that I can outside this Summer!
  3. Be active every single day. For the last 5 years I’ve lived close to an hour away from work which makes it super hard to exercise at the end of the day. There is also not a single gym near where we’ve been living so any working out I do has to be at home. But that is all changing! We have moved (temporarily) back in with my mom which is only 10 MINUTES from my office! And there are like 4 gyms within 3 miles. So now I don’t have a single excuse for not having time to workout. Even if it’s just a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood with my mamma.
  4. Take full advantage of fresh produce at all the farmers markets. Literally ever single town in our area has it’s own farmers markets. I seriously have 4 opportunities a week to get to one to grab fresh, and locally grown produce!
  5. Smoothie it up. Hot temps, and fresh fruit calls for one thing: smoothies! When done right they can be an awesome healthy meal, or snack option. I also have a new bad ass Ninja blender I’m itching to test drive.

Comment below what your Summer 2018 wellness goals are!

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