Wellness Check In: Week 2&3

As predicted, week 2 was a struggle. I got so caught up in work that I didn’t make myself a priority. I worked late, brought work home, and dedicated 12 hours on Saturday to volunteering, which I had coordinated for my company (it was super fun, but exhausting). So needless to say, my nutrition went but he wayside, I ordered lunch out twice, and I didn’t make it to the gym as much as I had hoped.

Activity Log: 2 days at the gym (elliptical, free wights, core).

Outdoor Activity: 12 hours of volunteer work by a lake.

Nutrition: *insert facepalm emoji* I didn’t much all week. But when I did, it was mostly takeout. It certainly wasn’t pizza or anything like that, mostly wraps, but still not what I wanted to be fueling myself with.

What I Need To Improve: Making myself a priority. I need to remember to take some time for myself every single day, even when life is crazy. I need to understand that it’s OK to give myself an hour to spend at the gym to decompress and get back into a positive head space.

Something I have learned: I sleep way better if I read before bed. One of my major issues recently is that I’m not sleeping. I just lay awake totally miserable or scrolling through Instagram. So I’ve started hopping in bed half an hour early and reading until my eyes get heavy. I just finished Fixer Upper’s Chip and Jo’s Magnolia Story. And let me tell ya, what a freaking uplifting and positive story to read before bed. I go to sleep thinking that I can take on the world and make all my dreams come true after reading this book. I highly recommend it.

We’re back in action!! I am feeling so much better than in week 2. I have made myself a priority and even had a “treat yo’ self” day when the Nordstrom Sale opened up to the public! I totally splurged on some pieces that I’ve had my eye on and even though I spent more than I could even imagine spending on new clothing, I feel so freaking good about it.

Activity Log: 4 days at the gym (elliptical, bike, free weights, core)

Outdoor Activity: Not a whole lot other than slow strolls down Main Street, and chillin’ in my homemade Adirondack chairs.

Nutrition: SO MUCH BETTER! Still not perfect, but I packed my lunches, and stuck to lean protein with dinners.

What I Need To Improve: Drinking water during the weekend. I am soooo good about it during the week while I’m at work and then I let myself get insanely dehydrated during the weekend.

Something I’ve Learned: The more active I stay, the less tired I get during the day! I used to just crash about mid afternoon which was super frustrating, but now that I am regularly working out I feel less of a need for a 3pm snooze.

Goal For Next Week: Make to the gym 5 days in a row!

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