Wellness Week 4 Check In

4 WEEKS DOWN!!!!!!!! Dang. Imma pat myself on the back for that one. I did reward myself with a giant strawberry green iced tea from Starbucks this morning. Worth it. While I haven’t seen any great leaps and bounds on the scale (which is obviously discouraging, but those numbers are so relative) I FEEL so much better. I’m finding that I’m not crashing in the middle of the day as much (every once in a while I still do because I like don’t sleep anymore), I’m staying at the gym longer and longer, my skin is clearing up, and my clothes are slowly but surely starting to fit better. It actually wasn’t until this morning that I noticed I’m not stuffed into my jeans as much as I was 4 weeks ago.

You know what the best part is? I’m ENJOYING this entire thing. It’s turning into a lifestyle change, not just a process, or temporary ordeal. Going to the gym has become part of my every day routine, and I’m going because I WANT to, not because I have to. It’s a pretty different feeling for me. So getting to week 4 and still feeling great and motivated is a pretty huge deal for this kid over here. Can you tell I’m excited?

Activity Log: 4 days at the gym (elliptical, bike, free weights, core, weight machines).

Outdoor Activity: Brunch on the patio of a new local cafe.

Nutrition: We’re getting there for sure. I need to start cutting back on the soda game. I average one a day which isn’t great. But as far as eating goes, while I struggled with salty snacks this week, I stayed away from the sweets! I’ve found that if I’m craving something sweet I can grab a One Bar (they’re just yummy chewy protein bars) and that totally does the trick.

What I Need To Improve: Getting outside during the week. We’re pretty good about getting out and about and not locking ourselves in the house on the weekends, but during the week is tough. I get out of work, go to the gym, get home and cook dinner, and then it’s practically time for bed. But we now live in a little neighborhood that has a nice walking loop, so we really should be taking advantage of that. OH – and Cheez-Its. I’ve gotta stop eating those effing things.

Something I’ve Learned: The weight machines are not scary! I forced myself to use those more than the free weights this week. There’s a reason they’re there. Because they work. So I dove right in and ended up with a pretty awesome 3 round system just moving right down the line of equipment. What I like about them is that they sort of force you to use good form, so my back has felt much better this week. I have a tendency to let my booty stick out when I’m lifting which is not so good for the back.

Goal For Next Week: Get more sleep. I have not been sleeping. Like at all. Not only can I not fall asleep, once I doze off I don’t stay asleep either. And it is just awful. I think part of that is because of the mojo in the room we’re in. We’re bunking in my little brother’s old room and all of his hockey trophies and junk are still everywhere. So one of my goals is to haul out that room and give it a little face lift! I’m planning on redecorating, and bringing some of my own style into that place just to make it feel a little more like home. I really do think that will help with my current sleep issue.


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