Wellness Check In Week 5

While I strongly believe in celebrating small victories when it comes to a wellness journey, I think it’s just as important to acknowledge to hard crap too. And this week was hard. I have always had some body image issues, and some days are worse than others. This was just one of those weeks where I compared myself to every other person in the gym. I wasn’t happy with my results, I wasn’t happy with my workouts, I wasn’t happy with how my clothing was fitting, just nothing. I was so down in the dumps it was crazy.

And I’m a full believer in the positive body image movement. Love the skin you’re in and all that jazz. But when you’re not happy with yourself, then you’re not happy. And I am not happy. But that’s WHY I go to the gym and bust my ass and do my best to eat right. That’s the whole freaking point. And I know bumps in the road will happen, and some days will suck. It’s just part of it. I’m not one for being super negative. It’s just not my thing. But I was totally in my own head, and super hard on myself all freaking week. It was exhausting.

But on Friday something totally magical happened… I got home with my head hung after a tough workout; and there was a package waiting at the door. I was super confused because all of my Nordstrom orders had come in already. I open the box and it was the coolest pair of All Birds sneakers ever! I peaked through the box and found a little note that said: “To make the gym suck slightly less. XOXO Charlie Castle”. I just about died and went to heaven. Charlie Castle is my cousin’s baby boy and he’s the cutest little thing on the planet. My cousin’s timing couldn’t have been any better. That pick me up came just when I needed it.

Activity Log: 4 day at the gym (bike, elliptical, weight machines, core), outdoor riverside adventures with doggo.

Outdoor Activity: See Activity Log. I’ve got a couple of favorite spots on the river, and Saturday was gorgeous, so I took the dog on a few adventures. We also took an absolutely gorgeous 2 hour motorcycle ride.

Nutrition: We’re doing better and better! I’m remembering to pack my lunch every day, and dinners are filled with grilled veggies and lean protein.

What I need To Improve: Getting out of my own way. I always work best when I’m in a positive headspace. I need to remind myself that this is a process, I’m doing something really great for myself, and to just keep swimming.

Something I’ve Learned: I push myself harder when I’m pissed. That’s really the only positive that came out of this week. I spent more time doing cardio and lifted heavier this past week than I have in a really long time. So I need to take any negative energy and use it rather than let it get in my way.

Goal For Next Week: Take a class!! One of my friends teaches a turbo kick class and she aways looks like such a badass teaching. I’m always wicked nervous to take a new class, but I think this one will be really fun. And everyone who leaves it is always dripped in sweat so I’m sure it’ll be a great workout!

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