Wellness Check In Week 6

Holy shit was this week busy. Wonderful, but busy. I had a family birthday dinner, 2 friends visiting (separately), and a sister day. Not to mention the normal work craziness. So needles to say week 6 was not very wellness focused in the sense of fitness and nutrition. But as far as mental wellness goes… it was pretty great. Lots of time with family and friends that was long overdue.

Activity Log: 3 days at the gym (elliptical, bike, core, weight machines, and Turbo Kick class), and a nice long stroll around down town.

Outdoor Activities: Well it rained all weekend so that was a bust. But I did get a really nice walk in with a friend around down town which was amazing.

Nutrition: *insert vomiting emoji* What do you do when people visit from out of town? Go out to eat. I ate out 3 times this week and mom brought home pizza one night. And I am PAYING for it. My body hasn’t got a clue what to do, so I feel pretty crappy. And the heartburn is never ending. Not to mention my skin is furious. Lesson learned.

What I Need To Improve: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; get outside. Even if it’s just sitting out in our yard, or playing corn hole, I just need to take advantage of the warm weather. Because as us New Englanders all know: Winter is coming.

Something I’ve Learned: I don’t need to be in tip-top shape to go to a class. Turbo Kick class was AMAZING. And totally kicked my ass. Like, class was on Tuesday and it is now Sunday and I still can’t move. But it was soooooo much fun and an unreal workout.

Goal For Next Week: Take 2 classes! I want to take Turbo Kick again, and the Zumba class looks like a blast too!

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