Wellness Check In Week 7

Well week 7 had some ups and downs. Lots of ups! But less time at the gym than I had hoped. Work was nutso. And there were some big personalities that I definitely let get the best of me. I had one guy make me feel so small, and totally berated me in front of the entire first floor of our building. It. Sucked. I left that day feeling so defeated and down, but luckily I was able to channel that energy into a really great workout.

This week, again, I focused a little more on mental health than anything else. Spending time with fam was my #1, and I am so grateful that I made it a priority. I got to see my little brother and his girlfriend more than once, spent a few nights with Max’s little sister, we brought my grandfather out to the lake for a day, and had dinner at the farmers market with my cousins. Pretty freaking ideal. Especially after the work week that I had. It felt so good to surround myself with the most loving and supportive people ever. Shout to the fam for sure.

Activity Log: 3 days at the gym (elliptical, bike, weight machines, free weights, core), outdoor walk.

Outdoor Activities: 2 mile walk, dinner at the farmers market, entire day at the lake.

Nutrition: I killed it for most of the week. All except one day. Where we had burgers for lunch. Then pizza for dinner. Talk about regrets. I thought I had a dragon living in my stomach breathing fire up my throat. Never again. Aside from that one day this week was great. Lots of lean protein, and grilled veggies!

What I need to Improve: Not allowing people around me make me feel small. I am Emily. Hear me roar.

Something I’ve Learned: Letting myself rest is just as important as staying active. I definitely needed to recharge the batteries this week and I’m so happy that rather than recharging by planting my ass on the couch, I recharged with people that I love. It has made SUCH a difference, and helped boost my motivation!

Goal for Next Week: Chug water. I’ve been slacking on the water front. Especially on the weekends. But I get a screaming headache the second I get dehydrated, so upping my water intake seems like a pretty obviously solution.

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