Making Any Space Home With TJ Maxx

We were recently under contract on our first house, but after a series of unfortunate events, the contract fell through and we were left with limited housing options. So we have ended up temporarily at my mom’s while we continue to house hunt! When my mom moved into the in-law apartment at my grandparents house, I only lived there for a hot second, so I didn’t have a real room. But my brother did, and has since moved out. So this time around, Max and I have moved into Michael’s old room.

One problem… the room was basically a shrine to Michael. Which was fine, but it was for sure a little weird waking up with a poster sized photo of him staring down at me. Basically it all had to go. Maxwell was away for a night so I ran over to TJ Maxx for some fun things to make our room look a little more like us. All of our home decor is packed in storage, which didn’t make me too sad because it gave me an excuse to do a little shopping! Fun fact about split level houses… if you live in the downstairs you basically live in a dungeon. There’s a porch directly over our windows, so even when it’s noon it looks like it’s midnight in here. I wanted to make sure I pulled things into the room that brightened it up, and make it feel less like a bat cave.



I had a few of our wedding photos printed, and grabbed some mix-matched frames from TJ’s. A throw blanket, area rug, faux plants, and a little artwork later, the bedroom started to feel like ours. There was already a bedside lamp in the room, but I came across this super cool hanging light that I put above my nightstand! I just couldn’t resist.


I spent hours taking all of Michael’s stuff out of the room, cleaning, and decorating with my own personal touch. Of course there are a few furniture pieces that don’t have another place to go so they stayed, but that’s not the end of the world.

I was so happy to be able to find everything I needed in one place for not a ton of money. While we are only staying with my mom until we find a house, I want our space to feel like home and I was able to do that affordably with TJ Maxx!

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