Wellness Check In Week 8

So…. technically…. this week should be week 9. But seeing as the gym was closed last week and I make the rules, this is week 8! This week was great! Getting back to the gym has felt AMAZING. I really did miss it during my down week. But I for sure needed that rest time. Friday was the best workout I’ve ever had in my life. I felt strong and I was able to really test my limits and push myself without wanting to die. I was pouring sweat and I didn’t take nearly as long of a break between lifting sets. If every workout could be like my one on Friday I’d be in great shape (pun definitely intended).


Activity Log: 3 days at the gym (bike, elliptical, free weights, weight machines, core), out door walks.

Outdoor Activities: 2 mile walk, and an entire afternoon wondering around a farmers market and Church Street in Burlington, VT.

Nutrition: All in all this week was great! More grilled chicken and veggies. Which I’m not sad about because it really doesn’t get old. I did make the mistake of enthusiastically saying YASSS when my office manager offered to pick up Panera one day for lunch. I proceeded to down a large mac n’ cheese, and then mistakenly looked online at how many calories are in a large serving of that mac n’ cheese. I thought I was gonna pass out. I won’t tell you how many calories are in that shit because I’m not a life ruiner.

What I Need To Improve: Not bailing on the gym because I’m tired, or because I need to run errands. Luckily I really don’t beat myself up for missing a day. But (especially on Wednesdays) I tend to say “oh I need to go here, here, and here… I don’t really want to get home super late… I’ll just skip the gym”. NOPE. I’ve just got to learn to manage my time a little better, and plan ahead.

Something I’ve Learned: I am capable of pushing myself to and beyond my limits. And it feels SO GOOD. I was actually PROUD of myself after my workouts this week. Who am I?

Goal For Next Week: Focus on my core. I saw a picture of myself this weekend that made my totally cringe and was a bit shot of reality that I need to start focusing on my core. Core work is also the first thing that I slack on if I’m having an off day at the gym.

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