Wellness Check In Week 9

This week was a total blur. Really great! Just went by super fast. Which I’m very thankful for because NEXT weekend is going to be amazing! I’m taking my first semi long (6 hours ish) solo road trip up to see my best friend in New York! But more about that later this week.


We’re going to get a little personal here this check in, which I’m pretty nervous about if we’re being honest, but eff it. Let’s do it. Little background. Every year we go with Max’s family for a day to Vermont. We do them same hike, have pizza at one of our favorite spots, then wander around the antique mall that’s near by. It’s always really fun. But I dread the hike. The way down is fine, but the walk up in the past has just about killed me. I’ve had to take breaks, and I’m always huffing and puffing praying no one talks to me so that no one knows how out of breath I am. We always take a ton of photos, and last year I cried after seeing them. I was so unhappy with myself, it was so frustrating.

Jump ahead to this year’s trip! I made it up the hill while carrying on a conversation, without having to stop. I did sweat and got a good workout out of the hike, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die! And when I took a look at the photos… I didn’t cry. I actually even liked them. It felt so good to feel the difference in my self. So, with my new found little surge of confidence, I thought I would share some progress photos! Last year, and this year. It’s seeing this bit of a change that is helping me to keep pushing toward my goals.

Activity Log: 3 days at the gym (elliptical, bike, core, free weights), and a hike.

Outdoor Activities: Hike, and slowly wandering around down town.

Nutrition: Progress not perfection right? This week involved pizza and wine, but everything is ok in moderation. And I have been GREAT about packing lunch which is saving me money and my waistline.

What I Need To Improve: Pushing myself at the gym, and celebrating small victories. Like these progress photos!

Something I’ve Learned: Achieving my goals is possible. While it may not happen over night, I’m seeing progress which means I’m that much closer to reaching my goals.

Goal For Next Week: Cut back on carbs and increase my calories burned during workouts. Carbs are one things I’m really awful about having under control. So I was a little more particular about what I bought for lunches this week. As far as calories go, my fancy little Apple Watch tracks those for me during each workout. My goal is to increase my burned calories by 100 per workout for this week.

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