Wellness Check In Week 10

Ooooooooh man what a freaking unreal week. My workouts were strong, and my adventures were spectacular. I spent most of the week in Watertown, New York (which is practically Canada) with my best friend on the planet. I haven’t seen her since my wedding in May, but we always fall right back in step with each other. We went everywhere from running around like 10 year olds at Dave and Busters, to exploring a real life castle (which made me feel like a Disney princess. I spent a lot of time standing on the balconies, singing, waiting for little birds to come and do my hair), to pretending to know what we were doing while wine tasting. It was pretty incredible. I ended the week with such a full and happy heart. There’s not a whole lot better than a few days with your best girlfriend. She seriously just brings me back to life.


Activity Log: 3 days at the gym (elliptical, free weights, core), so much walking (and I’ve got the blisters to prove it).

Outdoor Activity: SO MUCH!!! We did so much exploring around little towns and the castle, soaking up alllll the vitamin D.

Nutrition: Trash. Can’t even talk about it. This coming week will be leaps and bounds better.

What I Need To Improve: Having more weeks like this one: where not only do I focus on fitness, but focusing on feeding my soul with adventures and new experiences.

What I Need To Improve: Keeping my diet in check while traveling. And I don’t just mean when eating out when out of town, but the traveling itself. Remembering to pack snacks rather than stopping for Pringles and a Diet Coke.

Goal For Next Week: Next week is insane, and I’m already anticipating being stressed. So the goal is to keep my nutrition in check even with a week that may make me want to rip my hair out and prevent me from seeing the inside of the gym as much as I’d like to.


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