Boo To You

HAPPY OCTOBER FRIENDS!!! In honor of rolling into my favorite month of the year, I want to do a couple of things. FIRST! I want to welcome someone super important to me into the insta-fam. My sister in law, Sannie! She has recently launched her Instagram page devoted to DISNEY!! I can’t even begin to tell you what a Disney master this girl is. She just slays. She knows the ins and outs, and the best ways to make a trip affordable and fun for kids and grownups. When we travel to Disney there is always 12 of us. Yeah you read that right. 12. And Sannie takes the wheel ensuring that our lodging is top notch, our fast passes are booked, our break days are strategically scheduled, all while making sure we don’t all go bankrupt. So if you’re looking for someone to help plan, bounce ideas off of, get inspo, or you just love Disney, go throw her a follow @homemadepixiedust!

Sannie is the one person on the planet who fully understands my love for Mary Poppins

SECOND. Staying in the Disney/October theme, I want to share one of my favorite Disney events, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! Max and I took a shotgun (we booked it about 6 days before we left) trip to Disney about a week after we got engaged, and splurged for tickets to the party. It’s a little more expensive but let me tell you. It. Was. Worth. It. IT’S SO MUCH FUN! You get all dressed up, watch amazing performances, zip through ride lines, and trick or treat all night long.

The costumes are INSANE. People must spends just thousands of dollars on these adult full length princess gowns. Some of the full family costumes knocked it out of the park too. There was a group of adults with only one little girl with them; so all the grownups were dressed up like dwarfs and the little girl was Snow White. It was so stinkin’ cute. Because our trip was booked so last minute, we ended up sticking with the classics, Mickey and Minnie! Max was such a good sport about dressing up, and because we were Mickey and Minnie rocking our “Just Engaged” pins, we got all kinds of fun attention. The real Mickey even asked to see my ring. I was in bridal/Disney heaven.


And if any of you are Hocus Pocus fans you’ve gotta make a point of going to Not-So-Scary. The Sanderson Sisters put on an unbelievable performance in the middle of the Magic Kingdom. It’s the only season of the year where Disney villains are featured, which is super fun. I mean yeah they’re bad guys, but they’re also entertaining AF. We ended up with the BEST spot to watch the show from. We scoped out the scene and claimed our spots a good 30 minutes before the show. But it was absolutely worth standing around for a little bit to be front and center! The parade and fireworks to follow are spectacular. The Boo-To-You parade is filled with villains, amazing music, and super fun choreography. I’m a big fan of fireworks as it is, but these fireworks are quite the show. And if you plan your night right, you can hit Hocus Pocus, Boo-To-You, and the fireworks TWICE.


Because the event costs extra not nearly as many people attend. So the lines for all the rides are insanely short (you guys should have seen me trying to stuff a big tutu into the roller coaster carts at Space Mountain). And because it goes until midnight a lot of the families with little kids bail early. We had almost the entire park to ourselves by the time midnight rolled around. Walking down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom when it’s totally empty is beyond magical (all the puns intended).


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