Nordstrom Taste On A Target Budget

As most people in my life know, I love to shop. Like… LOVE to shop. It’s sort of a problem. But having the student loans, and tight budget that I do, keeping up with trends can be a challenge when you have Nordstrom taste on a Target budget.

So today we’re focusing on footwear! I busted through every single pair of booties and boots that I owned last year. The idea of having to rebuild pretty much my entire cold weather shoe collection was really daunting (and I live in New Hampshire where it’s negative a million regularly so it’s not like I could just make due without). Naturally I turned to Target. Because, duh.


I knew I needed a basic pair of brown, and black booties, and tall brown boots (my black ones are hanging on by a thread from last year). And it took me no time at all to find exactly what I was looking for!

When it comes to every day booties, the more basic the better. Especially because while I’m at my desk I tend to sit on my foot, and stabbing myself in the ass with some fancy buckle just doesn’t work for me (I do have a pair or two of “fancier” booties for fun outings though). I ended up killing two birds with one stone with Target’s Nora V-Cut Ankle Booties…. beeecccaaaauuuussseeee I bought the brown and black pairs. Oops. And I’m so happy I did! These booties are about as comfortable as they come and they literally go with everything. It really doesn’t get much better than that. They run true to size.

I’ve been OBSESSED (as have every instagrammer ever) with the Free People Royale Pointy Toe Flats since the second they came out. But spending $198 on a pair of shoes just isn’t an option for me unfortunately. But lucky for me, Target has an amazing pair of doops that get the job done. Their Wenda Cut Out Booties from the Universal Thread line are such an amazing option to get the same look but for a fraction of the cost. Yes, the Free People flats are real leather and the quality is about as good as it freaking gets. But the Target option is WICKED comfortable and so insanely easy for throw on and go. And when you live 10 minutes behind schedule like I do, that shit’s important. They do run a little small, I would actually suggest sizing up a full size, especially if you want to throw on a fun tight or socks with them.

Now if you’ve got calves like mine, stuffing those suckers into taller boots is TERRIBLE. And it just makes for a super uncomfortable day. Finding cute wide calf boots can be super challenging, and really expensive. But the Brisa Riding Boots at Target come in regular and wide calf! I was so excited. I also find that wide calf boots are about a million times better when they sip all the way to the ankle, which these do. They also have a little stretch panel in the back just incase they’re still a little snug, or you have on thick tights or leggings.

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