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I’ve taken some time to write and rewrite this post. Because if we’re being super honest here, my weight loss journey has been slow, and extremely challenging. It’s also a super personal topic. I was (I say was because I’ve taken a 2 week break because of the move) working out 4 days a week, but my nutrition was garbage. And I was totally lying to myself about it. I’d eat super healthy for lunch but then I’d run over to the store and get a bag of crispy M&Ms. Or we would go out to eat, and order pizza all in the same week. There was no moderation.


And then I went to my doctor. And was slapped with a massive reality check. She told me that to get into a healthy weight for my height and age, I need to lose 60 pounds. 60 FUCKING POUNDS. I asked her what the best way was for me to tackle this, and her response was “Well, you need to count every single calorie you put in your mouth.” And that was it. She also said it like I was a total moron. I’ll be getting a new doctor. But man, 60 pounds is no small thing. And to be given no guidance on how to handle it, I panicked. PANICKED. Then I went right on down the hospital cafe and grabbed a giant cinnamon bun.



I was feeling insanely defeated. It started to feel like no matter how may hours a week I spent at the gym, I was nowhere near my goal, or even a healthy weight. I was embarrassed. What 25 year old is atthe their heaviest weight? Shouldn’t I be totally in my prime? I confided in Max’s mom and she mentioned that she had just started Weight Watchers and was loving it, and said I should join. I was so resistant during the first few minutes of our conversation. But once she explained her new outlook on food and nutrition, I started to come around. I figured, at this point, what do I have to lose? Other than 60 pounds…

So, I downloaded the app! And I am so freaking happy that I did. The way it all works is pretty simple: you download the app, track your points, track your activity, and ta-da! I mean it’s not as easy as just saying “ta-da”. But you get the point. The whole points thing is amazing. You can scan the barcodes on your food, or just look it up in the app, and it’ll tell you exactly how many points are in each item. Right now I get 24 points a day. And being limited to 24 points, I HAVE to make healthy choices if I want to be able to eat more than once a day. I could have 2 slices of pizza for dinner for 18 points, or I could have chicken, sweet potatoes (my fave), veggies, and a Weight Watchers ice cream bar for 5 points.


Grocery shopping is actually wicked fun with the app. I go skipping down the aisle scanning away so that I know exactly how many points each of my snacks are going to be. And there are some great options out there! I’ve been introduced to so many cool new foods that I never would have bothered to try before. Like replacing potato chips with Good Thins Sea Salt Crisps? Hellllll yeah. Those things are so yummy. I’ll do a post a little later on with my fave low point picks.

The app totally holds you accountable. And being able to join Max’s mom on her journey has been wonderful. We’re able to hold each other accountable, bounce ideas off each other, and confide in each other when donuts were brought to the office and we indulged. We’ve turned losing weight into a game, and it’s so much fun. I was so worried that I was going to feel restricted or like I was starving myself, but it’s the total opposite. I feel empowered to make really good decisions for myself!


There are also these magical “bank points”. Anytime you go over your points in a day you can pull from your weekly banked points (you do only have a certain amount per week), so you don’t feel like total crap about yourself if it’s someones birthday and you enjoy a slice of cake. I mean it’s rude to say no to birthday cake.

I know that this is going to be a life long journey for me. I’ve been able to set myself up with a consistent workout routine, and now I’ve put some tools in place to help me be successful with my nutrition. This is just another chapter in my wellness journey, but I think it’s gonna be a good one.


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  1. Kathy Decker wrote:

    I’m so proud of you. You’re the most beautiful person I know ❤️

    Posted 10.29.18 Reply