Creative Space Wish List

I’m the type of person who works much better when I’m in a creative space. And I’ve always had a dream of having a bomb home office! And unfortunately my mother set the bar pretty high by installing a spectacular builtin desk and shelving in my bedroom as a kid. Turns out furnishing an entire house is way more expensive than I ever could have imagined… so the creative space/home office is pretty low on the list of things we need. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t spent countless hours browsing Pinterest and the depths of the internet finding inspiration for my some day creative space.

It doesn’t matter how deep I dive into the internet, I always end up back at Wayfair. They have such a huge selection of amazing stuff, and you can’t beat their pricing. So naturally all of the furniture I have my eye on comes from Wayfair! Where I want to put my creative space is a little unconventional, but it’s also wicked cool. One of my favorite spots in the new house is the landing at the top of the stairs. It’s bright and open, and so so so cozy. It’s also the size of a small bedroom, so there is a ton of space for a home office. It’s a really fun way to turn sort of an awkward space, into something really functional.

Desk: I love how simple and functional this piece is. I can already envision right where it’s going to go! There isn’t a ton of space on the landing so I need something that is compact, but I won’t feel like I’m cramming all of my shit onto a tiny surface.

Desk Chair: Because this creative space is MINE and mine alone, it gives me the chance to girly up a section of the house! And I thought that this dusty rose colored chair would be a super fun and subtle way to do that. Although a hot pink area rug isn’t out of the question…

Area Rug: So the only sort of shitty thing about this landing is that it’s SO WHITE. White walls, white trim, white hardwood floors. Along with the pink chair, I’m imagining a fun colored area rug to bring some more somethin’ somethin’ into the space! This one is still in the blue fam so it’s not super out there in terms of color (if you’ve been following along, you already know I live for neutrals), but it’s different enough that I think it’ll brighten up the space even more.

Mirror: Having a fantastic floor mirror is like a blogger requirement. Yes, I currently have FOMO because of my lack of cool mirrors, thank you for asking. There’s also something so luxurious about a really great floor mirror. Buying a floor mirror is sort of a public service… it’ll help make sure I don’t leave the house looking like a 2 year old who tried to dress themselves for school from the costume box.

Rolling Rack: Talk about feeling luxurious! I have started separating out my outfits for the entire week in my closet. Like I’ve said before, I live my life 10 minutes behind schedule, and this has helped me get out the door on time. But a lot of those outfits are ones that I want to shoot for either the blog, or Instagram, so a fun rolling rack will help me keep everything organized!

Accent Chair: Obviously I need a big squishy chair for when I need more of a snuggly vibe while I’m working! Duh. I want to keep this piece more on the neutral side so that I can chuck a fun colored throw blanket on it!


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