My Christmas Mantel

When I was little we had an absolutely gorgeous stone mantel in our playroom where we would set up the Christmas tree. And my mom always pulled out all the stops decorating it. It looked so beautiful. And now, I finally have a mantel of my own!!!

And guys let me tell you just how freaking special this mantel is! I had the insane opportunity to work with an incredible artist while decorating. I teamed up with Karrie Brawn who created some INSANELY gorgeous pieces for our mantel!!!! She uses the most spectacular colors, and she is sooooo freaking creative. With that in mind I wanted to keep what I added to the mantel super simple. I wanted her artwork to be the main event of the entire room! I used a few metallics, and natural elements, with a less is more policy. I did have a tone of fun making my own garland this year too.

If you guys don’t follow Karrie yet on Insta or in life, you’re missing out. She is unbelievably talented, and I am soooooo grateful to have her work hanging in my home!!


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