Staying On Track During The Holidays

This is the time of year when allllllll the best sweets and hardy meals come out. Spiral hams, mashed potatoes, gingerbread cookies, poke cakes, mac n’ cheese, pies… you get it. Well now that we’re all starving, I’m going to go ahead and chat about some strategies to stay on track during the holiday season! With Weight Watchers, I weigh in every single week. So it’s pretty apparent when I’ve hit 2 holidays parties, and gorged on copious amounts of leftovers in a week.

Rather than avoiding holiday parties, or cutting out all the good stuff, just prioritize. If you know your office is ordering pizza for lunch Wednesday, but you have a holiday party Friday, decide what the priority is. Pizza? Or fun apps and treats at the party? The harder decision: prioritizing AT the holiday party. Between holiday treats, and fruity festive cocktails, a party can easily turn into an extremely high calorie night. I have a massive sweet tooth, so I would much rather use my calories/WW points towards a slice of pie than a cocktail. BUT that doesn’t mean I have to pass on the cocktails entirely! A glass of prosecco is only 80 calories and 4 WW points! Plus you can garnish it with lots of 0 WW point options: raspberries, strawberries, or my fave (not super wintery but whatever) little cubes of watermelon!

Leftovers almost killed me over Thanksgiving. Some yahoo decided to leave four pies at my house. FOUR. Thanks, Mom. And because I have no self control, I had to devise a new game plan for when it comes to leftovers. When hosting, make sure to send any sweet leftovers home with your guests. Max has 4 younger siblings who’s metabolisms are a dream, and they’re teenagers, they’re not going to say no when I hand them a plate of truffles to take home after Christmas Eve dinner. Or when leaving someone’s house who’s trying to pawn off leftovers on you, take everything but desert. Just don’t let it be an option to have it in your house outside of those special events. You’ll thank me later when you’re not elbow deep in four pies.

ENJOY the holidays. Don’t spend a shit load of time stressing over your food intake. Just control what you can when you can. Plan ahead. Make super heathy choices during the week. Cook for yourself as much as you can. And don’t say no to the pie at holiday parties. But also don’t forget your goals. And for me… the holidays will not make or break my staying on track and running (not literally because I think running is stupid) full speed ahead toward my goals.

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