Self Care 101

With being home sick the last two days I thought this post would be fitting. One thing that I feel super passionate about is self care. People are constantly moving a mile a minute and rarely slow down enough to take care of themselves. And this INSANE mentality that everyone feels the need to live to work rather than work to live literally blows my mind. I think that there is this stigma of selfishness when it comes to self care. But taking care of yourself IS SO EFFING IMPORTANT. How are we supposed to be successful, have strong relationships, and be the best versions of ourselves without self care? And self care looks so different for every single person, and it’s really dang important that you spend some time figuring out what self care looks like for YOU.

Today I am sharing what I do for self care!

5:00am Wakeup Call

I am out of bed and in the shower by 5:00am every morning during the week. And every single person who has known me for more than 5 minutes will tell you I am NOT a morning person. I like to be out of the shower, skincare done, and on the couch with a hot cup of coffee by 5:30am so that I have a full hour to myself before I start getting ready to head to the office. How I use this hour changes day to day depending on what I need. More often than not I use this time to work on the blog. But some mornings I just need that hour to decompress, sip my coffee, and watch my favorite trashy TV. Regardless of how I use that time… that time is MINE.


You will never see me without my nails painted. I don’t know what it is, but I never feel fully put together without having freshly painted nails. I very rarely (maybe twice a year) go to the salon to get my nails done. They grow so fast that I’d have to go like once a week for a fill, so I do them myself so I don’t go broke. I have invested in some of the tools you see at the salon. Maybe some day I’ll budget for a monthly salon trip.

Weight Watchers

I’ve said it before… I let my health slip for far too long. So having a program that holds me accountable and is also such an incredible resource is really important to me. It forces self care to be part of my every day!

My Sock Collection

No matter the day, I always have really insane socks on. I LOVE wearing really ridiculous socks. It makes it so that no matter what is happening during the day (even is the day is a real piece of shit) I always have one little element that is lighthearted and goofy.

Cultivate Power Sheets

This year I invested in a Cultivate Goal Planner. And it’s some of the best money I have every spent. These planners are incredible. For the first 30ish pages you have to really dig deep and do some self evaluating. Which was actually way more emotionally draining than I expected. But also V therapeutic. The planner helps you to find common threads in your life and turn those threads into tangible goals. And every month you set goals, reflect, and reevaluate as you need to in order to achieve those goals. The idea is to live more intentionally. It’s such an amazing process, and has helped me to get to know myself in a big way.

Purging My Closet

I REGULARLY purge my closet. It is sooooooo satisfying to get rid of crap that I don’t wear or I don’t feel beautiful in. I keep a basket in the bottom of my closet and as I find items that I don’t want to keep I drop them in the basket. Once the basket is full it’s time to donate!

Creating Spaces That I love

There is not much that makes me happier than designing and decorating a space. And something my mamma taught me is that it is possible to make any space beautiful and feel like home. Being in our first real house, I have taken my time working through rooms to create beautiful spaces that Max and I both love. With our tight budget it has been a slow process, but that just means we have to be a little more creative. Bring on the challenge!

Emily by the Woods

The blog has turned into my biggest form of self care. I am the type of person that needs a creative outlet or I quite literally go insane (I swear I’m not being dramatic. I actually turn into a crazy(er) person). So to have this platform where I can share my creativity, build connections, and share with some seriously incredible people is such a blessing. I put an insane amount of time and love into the blog because it makes me HAPPY. And to have people actually read it and enjoy it, is more than I could have ever expected.

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