Simple Valentine’s Day Gestures

What do you do when you don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day… but not acknowledging it entirely also feels wrong? This is something I struggle with every year. There’s all this hype and pressure that surrounds Valentine’s Day, and with Max thinking it’s a stupid holiday, we just don’t really celebrate it. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do a little extra to show Max that I love him!

Today I am sharing what I am doing for Max this Valentine’s Day (he’ll have no idea, he doesn’t read the blog), and a few other ideas!

My Plan!

Max loves food. He’s one of those guys that gets real cranky if he doesn’t bring enough with him to eat throughout the day at work. And more often than not he is scavenging for leftovers for lunch if I don’t meal prep FOR HIM. Which truthfully doesn’t always happen.

With Valentine’s Day falling on a work day, I decided that I am going to pack his lunch for him as a surprise! I will cook a special breakfast (yes he brings breakfast to work) and lunch, and fill his bag with all his favorite snacks and drinks! And obviously a little note saying “I love you”. A few of the items in Max’s lunch: Chocolate chip pancakes, a chicken parm sub, a brownie with vanilla frosting, and a Cherry Coke! Not the healthiest… but hey it’s Valentine’s Day! I don’t feed him this shit every day I swear.

Other Ideas!

  1. If you don’t have time to run out and pick up coffee and drop it at his office… Venmo him a few extra bucks to swing through his favorite coffee shop!
  2. Take over his share of the his morning routine. Max’s morning routine involves: making the coffee, letting out/feeding the dog, and warming up the cars. Even if it means he only gets 15 minutes of extra sleep or time to sit on the couch, the gesture is really sweet.
  3. Leave a sweet note on his steering wheel to find when he heads to work!
  4. Make his favorite dinner! …….. Or order out from his fave restaurant. It doesn’t have to be some huge productions with a tablecloth and candle light. Just his favorite grub.
  5. Suggest watching one of HIS shows while you’re just hanging on the couch. For Max it would be Grand Tour on Amazon!

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