WW Wednesday: What’s In My Lunch Bag

Part of eating healthy and staying on track is cooking all of my own meals, and limiting any ordering out. And let’s be real… some days when it’s the middle of February and it’s negative a million degrees… ANY meal that you don’t have to be responsible for cooking sounds amazing.

To try and combat those feelings, I do my best to meal prep my lunches as much as possible over the weekend. Today I’m sharing what a typical lunch looks like for me! Everything is super easy to make and prep ahead of time leaving no excuses for not packing my lunch every single day.

Early morning snack: 4 Points
Homemade Breakfast Burrito
– Small four tortilla: 3 points
– Eggs: 0 points
– 1 TBSP shredded mozzarella cheese: 1 point

Lunch: 5 Points
Shredded Chicken
– Shredded chicken breast: 0 points
– 1 TBSP BBQ sauce: 2 points
Apple: 0 points
Baby Carrots: 0 points
Sea Salt Good Thins: 3 points

Mid Afternoon Snacks: 2 Points
34 Degrees Lemon Crisps: 2 points
Banana: 0 points

So I’m only using 11 out of my 24 daily points during the day! That leaves a ton of wiggle room for dinners at night if I’m craving something like pasta. And every one of these items are super easy to prep. I stick the chicken in the crockpot, and mix up a big batch of eggs on Sundays. Everything is pre-bagged and cooked for the entire week! And it truly does not take more than an hour out of my Sunday. Let me tell you… it’s so worth it.

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