10 Facts!

With so many new faces around here I thought it would be fun to reintroduce myself a little bit! Hey. I’m Emily. Welcome to my happy little corner of the internet! I started Emily by the Woods as a creative outlet and it has quickly turned into my passion! Here is a little bit about your home girl:

  1. I take 98% of my photos with my tripod and bluetooth remote! Hence the goofy photos that go along with this post.
  2. Baking was my first love. I can’t even remember when I started baking… but it was really the first thing I felt confident doing. And my big dream is to someday open a cafe!
  3. My heart can be won with a fuzzy pair of socks.
  4. I had never had a cup of coffee until I was 22… and now I start looking forward to my morning up the night before.
  5. I was an art major before I switched to a business major in college. One of my biggest regrets is dropping that art degree.
  6. I LOVE horror movies. The scarier the better. But Max haaaaates them. Which means I end up watching 100% of them alone… which makes them even scarier!
  7. I’ve been writing a (private) blog on and off since I was 16. But I had no idea about the blog world until I was 22! Clearly 22 was a big year for me… learning about coffee and blogging. Now those are my two favorite things!
  8. I am a HUGE Disney buff! And I thankfully married into a family that loves it as much as I do.
  9. I suffer from pretty terrible seasonal depression. The winters here in New Hampshire are loooong lemme tell ya. I used to combat it by going tanning. Yes, like at a salon in a tanning bed. But I have retired my skin frying ways and now use my blog to help keep myself sane during February which feels like it’s 6 months long.
  10. My favorite movie is The Breakfast Club, and my favorite book(s) are Harry Potter. Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter.

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