Resolution Hangover

Well team… we’re nearing the end of February. Have you reached your goal weight? Are you financially ahead? Did you ask for that raise you so deserve? Have you seen every single city on your bucket list? Chances are prettttttyyyy high you haven’t checked-off those boxes yet. AND THAT’S OK! This is the time where people don’t see immediate results from their New Years resolutions and they call it quits. Or they let those new great habits they’re working on fade back into old crappy ones. It’s the resolution hangover. Those goals and new habits are turning into a headache, especially when the results aren’t super apparent.

And every other motivational quote and stuff…

Now is the time to check in with yourself. What seems to be working? What doesn’t? What’s making you happy? What could live with you? It’s ok if those grand plans to workout twice a day, and save $500 out of every paycheck isn’t happening yet. But you need to ask yourself WHY it’s not working. And then make those changes! It’s all about figuring it out as you go. And it is SO IMPORTANT that you are forgiving with yourself. Just like you would be with your best friend. If your best friend set a goal to workout out 5 times a week, and on Friday she texts you to blow off the gym and grab pizza with her, what are you going to do? Chances are pretty high you’ll help her finish off an XL meat lovers pizza. You wouldn’t call her fat. You wouldn’t shame her for taking a day off. Or a week off! You would be SUPPORTIVE. So do the same for yourself! If it’s a pep talk you need, who better than to hear it from but yourself. Because girl, YOU’VE GOT THIS.

Here is Dr. Emily’s prescription to recovering from your resolution hangover:

TAKE A DAMN DAY OFF FROM YOUR RESOLUTIONS. Just take a day! Or a weekend! Give yourself just a little time to relax and stop kicking yourself for what you haven’t done yet. Pick 3 simple things that you enjoy doing, and DO THEM. It could be anything!! For me, this is how my day off would look:

Sooooooo simple. But how freaking great does that day sound?! So good! Now here’s what’s next: re-evaluate! With your freshly manicured brain, take a look at your goals that you set January 1. What positive changes have you made to achieve these goals? What are feeling less than great about? Resolutions are about life changes. Which means you’re not going to figure it out first go around. And we all need to be ok with that. Because you are doing freaking great.

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