Combating Seasonal Depression

Well it’s that time of year again. The fun warm feelings of the holidays are over, technically spring is right around the corner, but Mother Nature is telling you otherwise. It’s still dark and grey always, the temperature regularly reads at negative a million, you still have to wear a thousand layers, carbs are your best friend, and unless you ski the outdoors are torture. And if you’re like me… your seasonal depression is in full force.

Here are a few ways I have combated my seasonal depression without sitting on the couch mindlessly online shopping.

Fill your house with fresh blooms and plants! One of my favorite things is to pick up a few bunches of eucalyptus and keep them in vases all over the house. They smell so fresh, and the pops of green everywhere tricks me into feeling like warmer weather is on it’s way. Or start your herb garden a little early. Fill the window sill in your kitchen with little seedlings of basil, thyme, and rosemary!

Plan a trip! One thing helping me stay sane is knowing that we’re going on vacation in May. I know we’re a few months out, but I’ve had a ton fun taking a look at resort activities, and picking out my airport outfit. Now, you don’t have to plan an entire Caribbean vacation… but consider planning a weekend get away to somewhere new!

Say yes to being social. There are a lot of days where the idea of interacting with other humans makes me nauseous. BUT I have started saying YES to social situations, instead of making excuses and bailing. It breaks up the week, keeps me off the couch, and forces me to spend time with people who are part of my support system. It’s a win, win, win really.

Take a “fuck it” day as we call it in my office. Call out of work for a day FOR NO REASON. Treat yo’ self. Even if you only venture out into the world for a cup of coffee from your favorite cafe. Just do it. Go get your nails done, start a DIY project you “haven’t had time” to do. Just do something that is only for yourself.

Most importantly… stay in touch with the people who are most important. I ALWAYS feel better when I call my mom on my way home from work after a long ass day. Or when Max and I take a long drive by some houses that we are interested in. Keep your people close.

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