Prepping For Warmer Weather!

If you live in New England YOU KNOW that there is a season between winter and spring. It’s called fake-out season. The weather is still insane. One day it’s 50 degrees and sunny, and the next it’s snowing. Literally what happened this week.

I use fake-out season to prep for warmer weather, so that I don’t lose my mind entirely when it doesn’t get above 20 degrees. It helps that my birthday is this time of year, so I take on this season with a little bit of a “treat yo self” mentality. But not like “treat yo self Beverly Hills” (Parks & Rec anyone?) because home girl is on a house buying budget.

Usually I go to the salon to do this. I LOVE having balayage done for the spring/summer. BUT. A $180 trip to the salon is not in the cards at the moment. So I consulted with a stylist and she recommended heading to Sally Beauty to grab at home color. I knew I loved the products by this particular brand so I scooped up One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hair Color in dark ash blonde. And let me tell you, it seriously does the trick! Best part? For the color and the developer it’s only about $10. AND. You get two uses out of both products.

All winter long I stick with super dark colors. Black, grays, reds, you get it. Warmer weather means brighter nails! White, peach, or last week I had on a neon pink, and I LOVED it. And literally the only brand nail polish I purchase is Essie.

Almost every retailer has really bomb early spring sales to get people amped for the season change. Works on me every time. So this year I wanted 3 things for fake-out season: a pair of super distressed denim, an off the shoulder sweater, and a good tee that can be layered or worn on its own. Also fun sale tip… a lot of retailers will give you a special birthday discount code when you sign up for their email list! So when I was shopping for denim at American Eagle, not only were there having BOGO 50% off, I was also able to apply a 15% off birthday code. So I got 2 pairs of jeans for under $65. Helllllll yes.

I used to fake bake. Which is so so so so so bad for you. Luckily I saw the error of my ways and started my hunt for a really great self tanner. WELL. I found the perfect product! Golden Star Beauty is an all organic, vegan, self tanner company. And what I love most about it is that the color is buildable. You gradually get darker with each use so you have total control over it. Which helps keep you from turning yourself orange. The product goes on smoothly, doesn’t break me out, doesn’t stain my clothes, and smells lovely. You also order everything through Amazon, so helllooooo Prime! Here is the face serum I use, and the body lotion. AND. I have a coupon code for you guys!! Use GOLDENSTAR94 for 10% off your order!

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