WW Wednesday: Gnocchi!

I want to start by saying that the closest Trader Joe’s to us is OVER AN HOUR AWAY. It’s STUPID. And I’m pretty heart broken because when we went last time we tried a ton of new things, so we didn’t stock up. One of those new things was their cauliflower gnocchi. And OH MY GOD. I can’t even tell you how good it is. We’re so pissed we didn’t buy like 6 bags while we were there.

Today’s Weight Watchers Wednesday is the cauliflower gnocchi recipe I made with the one bag we did actually take home.

  1. Heat a table spoon of olive oil in a skillet.
  2. Add frozen gnocchi and sauté until browned. Set aside in a serving bowl.
  3. In the same skillet cook ground turkey.
  4. Dump in both jars of sauce in with the ground turkey.
  5. Pour meat sauce over cauliflower gnocchi and top with cheese.
  6. EAT UP!

Guys that is is. It literally took me all of 20 minutes to put together and it was sooooooo good. 1 bag of the gnocchi was enough to feed just me and Max, so if you’re cooking for a family dinner I would suggest doubling the recipe. But this is 100% one of my best recipes yet. Max and I have both been craving it! Time to head back to Trader Joe’s. No they don’t deliver. Yes I checked.

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