What to do when you lose motivation to workout

If working out isn’t your thing by nature, it can be so so so so so so so hard to stay motivated. I know I struggle with that every. single. day. And I so wish I didn’t. I WISH I loved working out, and was a natural athlete, but that’s just not the case. Which means I fall off the wagon. A LOT. Here are a few ways that I get myself back in check when I start to stumble.

Find a workout buddy!

Recruit a friend to hit the gym with you, or go on walks during your lunch break. Having someone there to hold you accountable will help keep yourself moving.

Look to your people for inspo.

There are two people who I’ve known for sometime who KILL IT at the gym. They are there every single day slaying. Their gym selfies are on point, their athletic-wear matches ALWAYS, they’ve got bangin’ little bods, but most importantly, they show up and workout every damn day without fail. They work freaking hard. And that’s what inspires me to get my ass in gear.

Treat yo’ self!

Treat yourself to something new! New gym bag, a new workout outfit, new sneakers, whatever floats your boat. Do something nice for yourself that will get you excited about working out! You’ve earned it.

Pick an incentive.

Pick something special to do only after you’re done working out. Do you have a favorite juice bar? Guess what. You don’t get that superfood green juice until AFTER you have worked out.

Set a new goal.

Sometimes just working out for the sake of working out isn’t enough to get you to the gym. So set a new goal with a date not super far off. For example, my goal is to lose 20 pounds by Memorial Day weekend. The date is far enough away that it’s an attainable goal, but close enough that I really need to focus to reach that goal.

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