Workin’ 9-5, what a way to make a livin’

I am a creative. I’ve never identified with a sentence more. I thrive in moments when I can let my creativity run wild. But unfortunately… my 9-5 job very often, not only clips my creative wings, but chops them off my back entirely. But it pays the bills so it is what it is.

BUT. It does mean that I have to work extra hard to find new ways to get out my creative energy so that I don’t quite literally explode. Wish I was being dramatic. But these are facts people. I’m going to get a little more personal than I usually do. I struggle with anxiety. And having creative outlets actually helps keep my anxiety at bay. So you can imagine the wreck I am when I sit for 9 hours without a single moment of creativity.

I KNOW that there are countless of you out there feeling the same thing. And all this really means is that I have to put in a massive effort into come up with ways to get that creative energy out after I’ve clocked my hours at the office. And today I’m sharing that list!

Home Decor

  1. Pick a room in your house and completely redecorate using only things that you already own.
  2. Decorate for a holiday using only homemade decor.
  3. Invest in The Home Edit and take on simplifying and organizing your home.
  4. Start a little windowsill garden.
  5. Create wall art! Creating simple symbols or designs using watercolors and chucking them into a frame can be a really fun way to brighten up a space.


  1. Get super good at painting your nails.
  2. Follow along with a makeup tutorial start to finish.
  3. DIY beauty products! Make your own face masks and hair masks!


  1. Write a story. Pick your fave memory and use it to write a short story!
  2. Put together your own cookbook using all your family’s fave recipes.
  3. Design your own calendar. You can 100% customize it for your fam.
  4. Make your own candles. It’s super inexpensive, and you can get super creative with the jars/containers you use.
  5. Start a blog or Instagram account! Let me tell you. This helps me channel my creative energy in a big way. And the options are limitless as far as what you can do.

Out & About

  1. Sign up for a class! Take a pottery or glass blowing or a flower arranging class. It’s a super fun way to meet other creatives.
  2. Offer freelance design work for business in your community! A lot of small businesses don’t have someone one staff with super bomb design skills. You get to use your creativity and have a little extra income.
  3. Take and sell stock photos online! Companies will actually purchase your photos to put in frames that are for sale at places like Home Goods and Target.

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