Self Care 102

Back in January I wrote a post: Self Care 101 – What I do for self care. Reading that post now, a lot of those things are still the same, but a lot is actually different. I think that’s one of the most important parts about self care… doing exactly what you need when you need it.

In today’s class, Self Care 102, I’m sharing some ideas to show yourself some self care that doesn’t involve a bubble bath, getting your nails did, or any sort of beauty pampering. And while being pampered is literally magic, it’s frequently what we women default to when we talk about self care. But there are so many other options out there!! So let’s think outside the box:

Take a class

Sign up to learn something new! Even if it’s just a 1 day sort of shindig. Some of my favorite days in the last few years have been days when I’ve taken super random day classes: glass blowing, baking, flower arranging… you get it. Try something completely new! Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new passion!

Tour your town

Spend a day as a tourist where you live. Hit all the big fun spots people travel to see. A lot of the time those types of places are ones we forget that we get to enjoy because we live here. This is a really super fun way to re-fall in love with where you live.

Plan a trip!

Even if it’s just a day trip right down the road! Go somewhere new. Explore a new place. But have fun with the planning process. Do active research about where you want to go, look into creative ways to get there, the best spots to grab some grub, super bomb insta photo locations (you were all thinking it I just said it), you get it.

Random act of kindness

This doesn’t actually have to be that random. It could be a very calculated act of kindness. Either way, do something nice for someone. Surprise your mom with flowers, make massive sundaes for your kids for dinner, take a girlfriend to lunch. Doing something nice for someone else is self care. I truly believe that.

Call your mom

Or your sister, or best friend, or grandparent, whoever. Call someone who makes your heart full. I call my mom almost every single day. She swears I only call because I’m bored on my ride home from work, but it’s actually because I’m always so happy catching up with her. Even if it’s just bitching about my day.

Sleep in.

Tell your boss you’ll be in at noon tomorrow. Let your hubs get the kids ready for school. Just sleep in! Or if you’re one of those people who can’t sleep past 6am… get up, pour your coffee, climb back in bed, and throw on some Netflix. This is literally one of my favorite things EVER. But be smart about this…. make sure you’re in your fave jams, and put your favorite freshly cleaned sheets on your bed the night before. You’ll thank me later.

Take yourself out for coffee

Or a glass of wine, whatever floats your boat. But go solo. Plan out a solid hour and head to your favorite cafe, pick the best window seat in the place, and just sip slow and enjoy. This single hour with a warm and comforting beverage does way more for you than you think!

The moral of the story… get out of your daily routine. Wake up, shower, go to the office, come home, make dinner, (maybe) workout, watch TV, sleep, repeat. I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE. It’s no wonder so freaking many of us deal with anxiety and depression. Be intentional with your time. Put in the effort to change up your day to day. Yes routine is great, and safe, but you also miss out on a whole lotta life by sticking to that routine day in and day out. So do me a favor… show yourself some love… and mix it up.

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