What I learned in my first year of blogging.

Man you guys! It’s been a whole year since I launched Emily by the Woods. And let me tell you… I LOVE my little corner of the internet. This space has given me an opportunity to be so creative and learn soooooo much.

I’m going to start by saying THANK YOU. You guys have been so incredible, and so supportive. When I first launched the blog I had no idea anyone other than my mother would read it. But I’ve met so many amazing people in the last year through this platform. I am so incredibly lucky. To be honest I didn’t really know where to start while writing this post. What have I learned? Shit! What haven’t I learned? That’d probably be a shorter list. That’s your subtle warning that this is a V long post.

Quality vs. Quantity

This was a hard lesson to learn. When I first started noticing that more and more people were showing up to my blog and Instagram I felt this need to be CONSTANTLY posting. But the quality of what I was posting was rushed, and well, sort of shitty. And boring. But I felt like if I didn’t post by noon every single day I was going to lose 50 followers over night. And I did. But are those really the people I want in my happy corner of the internet? Probably not. I had to swallow a big fat pill and learn to be more intentional with my content. Focus on quality over quantity. And with that change, I’ve actually noticed a much more organic growth to my following. Which is 100% what I want.

How to be brave.

I originally titled this block “how to have a thick skin” but I really think there’s more to it than that. In order to be relatable and captivating you really do have to be fearless about putting yourself out there for the entire internet to see. And if we’re being real honest… everyone has an opinion. That’s where the thick skin comes in. But before you even need that thick skin, you have to be brave enough to push that publish button and use your voice. And then being brave enough to keep posting when you do get some not so friendly feedback.

The importance of staying uniquely me

There are a ton of pressures out there for bloggers/instagrammers to be following very specific trends. And while I fully understand that’s 100% just part of the game, it’s sooooooooo important to be true to yourself, and not compromise your own style. Prime example… these JUMBO vintage clips people are wearing in their hair right up against their face… can’t get on board. I just don’t get it. But that’s what makes the blogging world so freaking cool! There are all kinds of kinds! Bring something to the table no one else has.

Creative skills

This applies to so many things. Designing my website, designing graphics for the blog and Pinterest, styling outfits, styling photos, editing photos, writing, Insta stories, the list goes on forever I swear. This has by far been my favorite part. Being forced to learn and create. I mean before this I didn’t have a clue how to format a website, use Canva, or LightRoom, or Photoshop. Not a damn clue. But taking the time to explore these things has been so much fun.

Finding inspiration everywhere

The blogging world has truly taught me to LOOK for inspiration everywhere I go. Because the blog world is ever changing, and coming up with consistent new content can be so challenging, you’ve gotta be creative in where you find inspiration. This may sound very cliche, but it is freaking everywhere. Dingy old wall in the middle of town? Walk by it? Nah. Great photo backdrop. Regular morning cup of Joe? Nah. Blog post about how to be your own barista (stay tuned).

Making time for me

I am at my happiest when I’m in a creative space. And Emily by the Woods forces me to make time to be creative every single day. And I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for that. Working a 8-5 gig where I use little to no creative skills is so taxing. But bills gotta get paid am I right? So having this space to not only use my creativity, but grow creatively, and as a person? Is pretty freaking sweet.

Thank you guys for being here. For being reading, interacting, being supportive, and creating this incredible little community here at Emily by the Woods.

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  1. Kathy Decker wrote:

    I couldn’t be more proud that you call me mom.

    Posted 5.9.19 Reply