We’re Finally Moving!

Well. It’s finally time. IT’S MOVING WEEK, TEAM! Let me tell you what an insane and emotional process this has been. Today I’m sharing where we’re going and the choices me made to get us there!

Recap: We were asked to leave our rental before the end of our lease because the homeowners are moving back to NH and want to live in the house. Since hearing that news we’ve toured 100000000 houses to either rent or purchase. We were under contract on a house which fell through due to zoning issues. And now we’re here.

Ready to hear the logistical insanity as to where we’re headed? You ready? You sure? Ok… here we go.

My grandparents own a house 2 towns over from where we live now. My mom and step dad have been renting the in-law apartment at my grandparent’s house for the last few years. We are moving INTO the in-law apartment with them temporarily. Once Mom and Jeff purchase a house (which is in the works) and they move out, we will move my grandparents downstairs into the in-law apartment, and me and Maxwell will move upstairs into the main house, and rent the house!

So moving us once is really moving us moving twice, and my parents, and grandparents moving. INSANE. But my family doesn’t really do anything the easy way so it is what it is.

Making the decision to 1. live with family, and 2. not REALLY have a space entirely to ourselves, WAS NOT EASY. We’re still newly married and trying to start our life together. But I’m going to be VERY honest with you guys. Max and I rented from his parents for 5 years. Our overhead was extremely low which we took full advantage of. We lived outside of our means, didn’t save a dime, and all in all made some really really poor financial decisions. Hindsight is 20/20 right? Paying what we have been in rent has stretched us extremely thin, and coming up with a down payment or 1st, last, and a security deposit in a traditional rental situation would damn near kill us.

It was really important to us to reevaluate and look at alternative options in terms of housing. While renting from family is not ideal (even though we love them dearly), it’s an opportunity for us to have a low overhead in order to pay off our debt, and actually SAVE something. The goal is to take control of our finances and be financially stable and SMART. And this is going to mean making some hard lifestyle changes. Not shopping when we want. Planning ahead and saving for any vacations. Having a set and followed budget. All things we haven’t really done before. There’s going to be a learning curve, but these are changes we have to make in order to achieve our financial goals.

Finances and debt are not topics that are often openly talked about. But they are SO REAL for so many people, and I feel like it needs to be an open discussion so that we can be resources to each other. Isn’t that the beauty of the internet? Through this journey I fully intend to share my money saving tips and tricks as well as how to budget effectively. Now… everyone if different. What works for me and Max may not work for the next person. But it is still important to share.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive through this entire process! Looking at you Mom, Carrie, Patti, Chelsea, & Missie!

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