Self Care 201: What I did to prep for a new life season.

Big life choices can be insanely overwhelming. And let me tell you… I have had to make some massive life decisions recently. By that I mean: new housing, new career, new car all at the same time. YIKES. Basically I felt like I was going to explode in a major way.

It has been VITAL that I vamp up my self care routine to help prep for this new life season. Because EVERYTHING feels so new. It’s enough to send me spiraling if we’re being completely honest. Here is what I’ve been doing to make sure that I am keeping myself physically and mentally healthy and happy!

Re-Signed up for the gym!

When we moved back in October I told myself some big lies about saving money and quitting the gym to workout at home. Well. There’s a reason I signed up for the gym… because I SUCK at home workouts. I worked my monthly budget and signed back up for the gym! The first day I walked back in I felt AMAZING. I can’t even begin to describe it. I was very aware of every muscle in my body, and I felt weak, and I was out of breath, but taking the first step is incredible.

I revamped my meal plan!

Between vacations, cookouts, and stress, my nutrition has found itself right back in the trash. So this calls for one thing…. a new plan! I am ACTIVELY working on a super solid meal plan that works for my lifestyle and needs. I say actively, because it’s an ever changing thing as my daily routines find their new normal, and my body starts to change. Step 1? A trip to Trader Joe’s to stock up on all my favorite healthy meal and snack options!! And to hold myself accountable, I’ll be sharing all kinds of fun recipes! Stay tuned for coffee based morning smoothie recipes that I’m working on for my non-morning homies.

We downsized.

While we were moving I was very intentional with my packing. I took the time to really take a look at every single item to decide if I really needed it or not. This resulted in so many trips to the dump and countless donations. It was everything from clothing, furniture, and general clutter. It was so liberating. We just about cut the amount of stuff we have in half. I let go of so much that I don’t need, which in turn has helped me to be much more intentional about how I use the space that I have.

I gave my closet a facelift.

This is an ongoing process. Because obviously I can’t afford to dump my entire closet and start over (how nice would that be?). Like I said before… when we moved I got rid of anything and everything I didn’t love, didn’t fit, or didn’t make me feel amazing about myself. And now I am slow but surely refilling my closet with pieces that I LOVE and that make me feel like my best self.

I personalized what self care
looks like for me!

Self care looks different for everyone. I know that I always feel better when I take a little extra time to pamper myself. Which means making sure my nails are painted, weekly face masks, a minimum of an hour of ALONE time every day, an XL coffee, and having my favorite skin care products on hand. It’s easy to blow these types of things off when I’m overtired or feeling stressed… when in reality… those moments are when I need self care the MOST. I’m making a massive effort to remind myself to take care of ME even when the world feels like it’s crashing around me.

My biggest piece of advice for anyone who is entering a new crazy life season: take a little time to evaluate your self care and put a plan in place. It is so incredibly important, even if it feels like it’s the last thing on your massive list of things to do. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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