Fitting in self care when your schedule is insane

I know you’ve heard me say it… but I’ll say again for the people in the back… SELF CARE IS SUPER DANG IMPORTANT!!!! Did you hear me that time? Great. Now listen up. It blows my mind how frequently people make excuses for skimping out on self care. I get it. We’re all crazy busy. Between work, maintaining a house, kids, side hustles, whatever else is on your plate. It’s a lot. And I 100% get that. Prime example: Today (meaning Wednesday when I wrote this) I worked a full day at school, went to staff meetings at the end of the day, went to my second job, then had a birthday dinner to get to. I left my house at 7am and didn’t get home until 9:30pm. Woof. But do you know what I made time for this week: a face mask, a mani, and specific time to work on my blog. Because let’s get one thing straight here people, you can’t pour from an empty cup. Today’s post is all about tips and tricks for fitting in self care when your schedule is insane. And I promise, it can be done.

Household chores aren’t don’t ever go away. We know that. But it’s also a great time to show yourself some love! For example: I always throw on a face mask, and Netflix while I fold laundry. I get something done, while checking off some self care boxes. Why not turn doing something super crappy like laundry or dishes into more enjoyable experience. I mean shit, do something for yourself while you’re doing things for everyone else.

Another area in our lives where we spend a shit ton of time is in the car commuting. This does not need to be wasted time. You can use this time to get lost in an amazing audiobook, or my favorite, tune into podcasts!! I’ve got 3 that are my go-to’s: for a hilarious and crude spin on health and wellness: That’s so Retrograde. For inspo: rewardStyle Influencer Radio. And for my inner child: WDW Prep, all about trips to Disney! Audiobooks and podcasts help me unwind, and create a super positive headspace for myself.

Quit feeling guilty about using your “free time” on yourself. The dishes aren’t going anywhere, and I promise your husband can handle making dinner by himself. Even if it’s only 10 minutes, use that time! Even if it’s just to read or meditate for a few minutes. Start being ok with focusing more energy on YOU.

As if you need one more thing to write in your planner. But let me tell you something…. scheduling self care WORKS and it holds you accountable so you don’t blow off taking care of yourself. My planner has all kinds of time slots that are filled with things like: face mask day, early to bed, outdoor walk, and catch up on trashy TV. Self care looks super different for everyone. Figure out what it is that’s going to help you feel your best and MAKE IT HAPPEN. You deserve it.

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