Small Shop Shoutout: Why I shop consignment

One of my goals when deciding where I want my money to go is to shop as local as possible. That means produce, meat, and yes clothing. And one of my favorite ways to shop super local is to shop at my favorite consignment shop, The Pink Alligator!! Consignment is so dang cool because what you spend ends up back in the pockets of other people in your community. Which I think is insanely special.

And what is especially amazing about The Pink Alligator, is that they’re a consignment boutique… meaning they specialize in designer items. And it’s literally the only way that I can afford some of the top brand names! Prime example…. I just scooped up a pair of MOTHER jeans that retail for $210 for $50. And they’re in PERFECT condition. How fantastic is that?!

I’ve been lucky enough to partner with The Pink Alligator to put together some looks that are pretty perfectly my style. Something to keep in mind about shopping consignment is that they typically only have one item in one size. Which for me turns it more into a game. It really just means that if you see something you love… jump on it!

Follow along at @thepinkalligator on Instagram and DM me or the store directly for anything you’re interested in! They ship nationwide!

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