30 Days to Healthy Living: HALFWAY!!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen that I’m currently doing a 30 days to healthy living challenge! Whelp… today marks the halfway point and mannnnnnnn what a weird 2 weeks it has been. Let’s start from the beginning… here’s a little background about what the plan is and why I decided to do it in the first place!

I want to start with my “why”. Because truthfully I think that this is the most important part. It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling with my weight for YEARS. I’ve tried what feels like 100 things to lose weight that I straight up just didn’t stick to. Which is frustrating. No one’s fault but my own. My goal WAS to lose 60 pounds. But while working a job I hated and was generally just miserable, I caked on (pun intended, please laugh) another 15 pounds. Making my total goal 85 fucking pounds. Which made me SO SAD. I was in a really negative headspace. So I quit that shitty job and now I work as an ed assistant in the 6th grade and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Not working a desk job, and being somewhere that I love pretty much melted off those 15 pounds. I was still feeling like crap and eating nothing but pizza and Diet Coke. Sick life choices. I felt horrible. All. The. Time. I was tired. All. The. Time. And there came a point where I was just tired of being tired. Tired of being unhappy and straight up unhealthy. It was NOT OK to treat my body the way that I did. So I decided that it was time to take control of my happiness and control of my health. I was in the need of a MAJOR reset. I needed to form new habits and detox all of the processed sugar from my system. Which is when the 30 Days of Healthy Living program was introduced to me! I seriously resisted the idea first but then I thought… why? If this is something that could potentially help me then why would I say no? Because it’s going to be hard? Jesus Em, put on your big girl panties and get over yourself.

The whole idea behind the 30 day challenge is to detox from all the straight up JUNK I’ve spent years pumping into my body, and creating new, effective, and super long lasting healthy habits. It’s a semi strict eating plan – I say “semi strict” because while there are limitations, there are so many creative yummy recipes out there that it doesn’t feel strict. The basic rule of thumb is: clean eating. And this program makes it SUPER easy to stick to that rule. Here’s what comes in the happy box of nutrition when you sign up:

There are obviously other healthy snack options, those just happen to be the two I grab the most. The shakes are super filling and shockingly satisfying. And the Fizz Sticks are just a drink mix that has green tea extract and has for sure contributed to my new found energy.

But it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows from the start. Day 1 and 2 I felt great. I was a little hungry but nothing terrible. But then day 3 hit… Day 3 of no sugar and very limited carbs. And here come the headaches. When I say I thought my head was splitting in half and my brain was leaking out my ears, I swear I’m not being dramatic. Day 3-6 was like this. The worst days ever. And historically this the time when I would have quit. Said fuck it. No chance this is worth it. But for whatever reason this time was super different. I KNEW I could push through it. I KNEW I wasn’t going to give up or give in. And I didn’t. Day 7 I woke up with no headache. Knowing I was over that hump gave me such hope that this is EXACTLY the reset that I needed.

Now we’re half way through and I’m CONFIDENT that this was the reset that I needed. My cravings have subsided, and this is the longest I’ve been without a Diet Coke (a major vice for me) in YEARS. I don’t crash at 2pm anymore which has allowed me to be so much more present with my students. My skin looks better than it ever has. I no longer have nightly heartburn. My digestion is regulating. Not to mention the weight loss that has started. Like what?! It’s only been 14 days!! I’m so excited that I chose to do something for MYSELF. To make ME happy and healthy. Cheers to the second half of this program! I can’t wait to share more with you guys as the weeks progress!

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  1. I love this! You’re inspiring me to get back on the horse and get healthy again!!

    Posted 3.19.20 Reply