How I stopped being a couch potato during quarantine.

When our school shut down I was SHOOK. And my default setting when I’m feeling over whelmed and anxious is couch potato. I became one with the couch. I actually think my PJ’s fused to the fibers in the couch. We were one and the same. Sure I had Zoom meetings in the mornings but as soon as they were done I was back in my jams and binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

I’m not exactly sure when it clicked for me, but I woke up one morning put on my big girl panties, and kicked my ass into gear. I reminded myself that this time at home is a gift and I need to take advantage of it. There are a whole lot of people out there right now who aren’t as lucky as my family is at the moment to be home and healthy. Not to mention… what kind of freaking example am I setting for my students? Sweet Jesus.

I started by making a master list of every project that I never felt like I had time for:

  1. Closet clean out
  2. Overhaul my pantry/mud room
  3. Get photos hung on the walls
  4. Redecorate the kitchen
  5. Refinish a few pieces of furniture
  6. Organize the storage porch (I’ll show you guys later…)
  7. Start the yard spring clean up
  8. Redo the bathroom (stay tuned)

The list goes on forever. But on top of those big projects, I had some little things that I was so bad about making time for:

  1. Washing my makeup brushes
  2. Weekly face masks
  3. Not blowing off my skincare routine
  4. Putting away laundry as soon as it was done
  5. Focusing more time on the blog
  6. Stretching in the mornings and at night

Silly little things like that make a massive difference in my overall mental health. SO. I made myself a daily schedule, and set myself little reminders to not only keep myself busy, but improve my overall lifestyle. Once my master list was made, I set some ground rules:

  1. Make my bed every morning – for the record never in my life have I done this.
  2. Sleep in a little later than I would for a regular work day (gotta take some advantage of working from home!), but still get up and get ready at a reasonable hour (meeting #1 of the day is at 8:30am).
  3. Actually cook myself breakfast and lunch.
  4. Get fully ready every day. It’s the only way I feel like a functioning human.
  5. Pick up more houseplants. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this has helped my mood. Having the happy little green things in my house has been a game changer.
  6. Exercise every day. Except Sunday… because duh.
  7. Limit social media. It’s so easy to just mindlessly sit and scroll.
  8. Limit spending/shopping – this one has forced me to get super creative when decorating a space. I shop what I already own and repurpose as much as I can.
  9. Reach out to my people often.

It may seem simple… but if I’ve learned anything during this time… it’s that the simple things are what matter. Living life a little slower is good. Express your gratitude. Share your fears and your happiness. Hold the ones you love close (while social distancing). And keep smiling.

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