Everyday self care that makes working from home a little less shitty.

You’d think the longer we’re stuck at home, to easier it would be and the more normal it would feel. False. For me personally, it sometimes feels like it gets harder every day. I’m over going grocery shopping. I’m over cleaning the kitchen 1000000 times a day. I’m over the cat walking on my laptop while I’m in Zoom meetings. There are some days I’m just over the whole damn thing. And I’m a GREAT homebody. So I can’t even imagine how my extroverts are doing out there. BUT. With all that said. Making self care a MASSIVE priority has made life so much better. Today I’m going to share some of the things I’m doing to take care of myself, and hopefully give you guys some ideas! Our health and happiness comes first my friend. We can do this together.

If you guys have been here for any amount of time you know that home decor, DIYs, and home improvements are some of my favorite things. A MASSIVE bonus to being stuck at home and having no where to go shop (I never pull the trigger with online shopping so that’s not a big thing over here when it comes to home decor), it’s pushed me to be super creative and shop what I own to recreate spaces! I’ve been able to use this time to really start to get to know what my home decor style is. Which has been a pretty amazing process. Two places that I’ve turned to for inspiration are Cozy White Cottage, and The Home Edit.

I always work best when I love and feel inspired by my work space. It’s super important to take the time to really put time and effort into creating a healthy and happy work space for yourself if you’re now having to work from home. This is also a really cool opportunity to create a work environment that is perfectly specific to what you need and what makes you happy. I’ve linked some of the things that I have in my “office space” that has made “going to work” every day a little easier.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone’s snack habit have gone a little haywire. They have at my house that’s for damn sure. I’ve been making a very conscious effort to keep the snacks in our house as healthy as possible. My new go to, and probably one of my favorite snacks ever, have been smoothie bowls! Here’s the recipe for the best smoothie bowl I’ve created:

It’s super easy to plop down on the couch or in your quarantine cave (for me it’s our bedroom because it’s the coziest spot in the house at the moment) and hunker in. And before you know it… it’s been 3 days of plopping. Now don’t get me wrong, if you need to rest and take it easy DO IT. We’ll get back to that point in a minute. But. It’s also so important for your physical and mental health to get up and move. Even if it’s a 15 minute walk. Or you do 10 sit ups. Whatever it is, pat yourself on the back for moving! My goal has been to exercise at least 5 days a week. But that looks different every day depending on what I need. Some days I bust my ass and pour sweat, other days it’s a walk through the woods. Here’s the link for a simple 20 minute beginner yoga session:

Lastly, and most importantly, take a breath. Be ok with doing whatever it is that you need in that moment. Do you need to zone out and watch shitty TV? Great. Do you need to run 3 miles to clear your head? Awesome. Do you need to create something? More power to you. Whatever it is that you need to do to keep yourself happy and healthy, freaking do it. Put yourself and your family’s needs first. And don’t feel guilty about it. This is such an insane time, and I know I’ve said this before, but it is VITAL that you show yourself grace and be ok with taking the time to take care of yourself. We have got this my friends.

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    I didn’t see Ollie’s chocolate chip cookies under healthy snack 🤷🏻‍♀️💗

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